Morgan Wallen Says His Son Indigo “Holds His Head Up On His Own” And Is “Starting To Try and Crawl”

Following his performance on Saturday Night Live just a few weeks ago, Morgan Wallen is gearing up for what could be his biggest year yet in terms of success but nothing will ever compare to his great achievement yet with the birth of his son, Indigo.

In a recent press conference, Wallen gave Country Now an update on how his son, Indigo Wilder Wallen, is doing. Wallen says that he and his son’s similarities are uncanny, especially noted when he makes certain facial expressions.

“I still kind of have to look down and see some expression he made and be like, ‘Wow, yeah, that really is my kid,’” Wallen recalled in disbelief.

Five month old Indigo Wilder is continuing to form his personality as he grows into his own little person and Wallen’s twin.

“It’s been cool to kinda get to see him grow up a little bit. You know, he’s five months — not talking or anything like that yet — but he’s starting to get his personality and laugh and things like that. Things that make people unique to themselves.”

He explained that not only does his son look like him but Wallen says that he also looks a lot like his own Father with the expressions that they use.

“Everybody always talks about how similar me and my dad are,” Wallen says. “Just with the way we speak, the expressions we use, personality, looks, everything. I think I got a lot of who I am from my dad.”

“That’s been really cool to see, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it,” Wallen added.

The “More Than My Hometown” singer also told CMT’s Cody Alan recently that his son is “starting to get strong.”

Continuing to explain that “he can kind of hold his head up now on his own. He is starting to try and crawl. He can’t crawl yet, but he is trying. He is starting to cackle. Starting to show real awareness. So, that’s cool.”

Baby Indigo Wilder now has an Instagram account that you can follow for updates and photos HERE.

Wallen and his ex Katie Smith welcomed their son Indigo into the world on Friday, July 10 at 5:43 pm in Tennessee.

The country superstar is set to release his much-anticipated sophomore album, Dangerous: The Double Album, early next year (Jan. 8) and just days after the release he is celebrating the release with a livestream concert on January 12.

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