Morgan Wallen & ERNEST; Photo Provided
Morgan Wallen & ERNEST; Photo Provided

Morgan Wallen and ERNEST Open Up About Fatherhood: “I’m Glad We Had Kids Around The Same Time”

Morgan Wallen and ERNEST opened up about fatherhood and chatted about their kids futures.

During a recent episode of the Just Being ERNEST podcast, the Country music singer was joined by friend and fellow artist, Morgan Wallen. Together, they discussed a variety of topics including the good and bad that comes with being fathers and watching their sons grow at a similar pace.

“We’re dads now, which is wild,” ERNEST told Wallen.

“It is, it’s cool though,” Wallen said. “I’m glad we had kids around the same time, and they’re boys.” ERNEST agreed with Wallen saying, “It’s awesome.”

This past May, ERNEST and his wife, Delaney Royer introduced their first son Ryman Saint to the world, named after the historic Ryman Auditorium located in their home of Nashville, TN. The couple got married in January 2017 in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, the other inspiration for their son’s unique name, and then became first-time parents just a few years later.

About one year prior to ERNEST, Wallen shared similar exciting and unexpected news to his fan base. He became a first-time dad to his baby boy, Indigo Wilder, in July 2020, with his ex KT Smith.

“Mine is starting to get… you know, I’m getting closer with him, obviously the older he gets,” Wallen added.

With their sons being only one year apart from each other in age, these dads are experiencing many of the same milestones with their son’s.

“He’s like running around now…” ERNEST said.

“Oh yeah, he’s a hellion already, but he’s a happy…” Wallen replied. ”he’s not really bad, he’s just climbing stuff. He’s figured out how to get on the couch and off the couch.”

As discussed in the episode, Saint and Wilder exhibit uncanny resemblances to their dads both in appearance and personality.

“He’s just a boy,” ERNEST said.

“Oh yeah, he’s trying to eat the rocks from the fireplace and stuff like that,” Wallen added.

“Just normal, just like us,” ERNEST added.

Although they are both under two years old, Wallen and ERNEST have been imagining what sort of careers their boys will eventually have, based on their already established athletic abilities.

“Ryman’s trying to crawl so bad, he just wants to crawl so bad. He loves to stand. He’s gonna be thick,” Ernest added. “Ryman’s gonna be a little lineman.”

“My boy’s pretty big, honestly for how old he is,” Morgan said.

“Are you going to get [Indigo] golf lessons, do you have any ambition of him being an athlete or what do you want?” ERNEST asked.

“I mean, yeah, I would love for him to be. Obviously,” Wallen replied.

When asked how he will approach getting his son involved in sports one day, Wallen responded with the plan to “present a lot of different options to him,” starting with golf, a personal favorite of the East Tennessee natives.

Wallen continued, “I wish I would’ve done that as a kid. I’ve only been playing the last 6 or 7 years or whatever. I’m okay at golf but if I would’ve played it since I was a kid it would’ve been like second nature. Pretty much everybody that’s good at golf, like actually good at golf, started really young.”

The country artists went on to discuss their glory days, details surrounding their friendship and more during the episode.

Later this month, the longtime friends are set to release their highly-anticipated “Flower Shops” collaboration, which is available for preorder now HERE.

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