Miranda Lambert; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for ACM
Miranda Lambert; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for ACM

Miranda Lambert Admits “A Break Is Important For Everybody” To Avoid “Burnout”

When Miranda Lambert’s Bandwagon Tour wrapped up in June, she decided to take an extended vacation in July, the first time she’s taken off a full month during the summer since she began her career at age 17.

The “If I Was a Cowboy“ singer embarked on a 20-day Airstream adventure through the western U.S. with her husband Brendan McLoughlin, backup singer Gwen Sebastian, and Sebastian’s husband Louis Newman.

In early June, Lambert shared details about the July camping trip with PEOPLE, revealing plans to visit Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.

“Everyone’s like, ‘So you’re gonna get right off the bus and right into a camper,” she said. “But, it’s such a different way of seeing the world. It’s through a windshield, but it’s with freedom versus pulling into a parking lot where I wait all day, play a show, then roll the next town. This is like a way to actually see things. I always say I’ve been everywhere and seen nothing, which is kind of part of what I do. Gwen always says, ‘What we do is a hard lifestyle. So while all our knees and elbows work, we’re gonna go do some fun stuff.’”

On July 19, the country hitmaker shared a series of photos on Instagram from the last stop of their incredible adventure, calling it the “best summer ever.” The post included a photo of Lambert sharing a kiss with her husband, as well as photos of river rafting, hanging out with friends, and more.

“Meet me in Montana forever 💛🏔,” Lambert wrote. “Thanks to Gwennie’s family for the great hang and high note to end on. 💖 What an amazing trip. ( thanks to @jed_i_night for planning the adventures of The Sherriff & Toodle Lou) Best summer ever ☀️🚎 #airstreamdreams #tourist”

During an interview with Audacy’s US 99 in Chicago, Lambert talked about why taking a break is important for everyone.

“Burnout is such a real thing, and you don’t even realize it until you take a break,” said Lambert. “A lot of us don’t take a long enough break. Like, by the time we’re gone on vacation a week, it took us three days to calm down, and then it’s time to go back to work and I’m like the Europeans do it right, they’re like, ‘We’re going on holiday see y’all in a month’ and I’m like, ‘Yes! More of that.’”

She also reflected on how adequate rest helps her both professionally and personally. “I’m so much better at what I do, and for my friends and family, and just as a person if I can live a life and have a lot of balance of downtime and work time. I’m sure 2020 taught us that more than ever, but I’m keeping that close because I think it was an important lesson for all of us. I feel so much more inspired when I am rested – it helps!”

Now, the Texas native is gearing up to embark on her first-ever Las Vegas residency, Velvet Rodeo: The Residency, which kicks off on September 23 and runs through April 2023.

The residency will take place at the 7,000-seat Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Lambert, Live Nation Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment have announced that $1 of every ticket purchased to “Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino will be donated to Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that has raised over $6 million since its inception in 2009.

Find more details about Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo: The Residency HERE.

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