Kip Moore, Morgan Wade; Photos Courtesy of YouTube
Kip Moore, Morgan Wade; Photos Courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Kip Moore Shares Steamy “If I Was Your Lover” Music Video Featuring Morgan Wade

Kip Moore has released the accompanying video for his brand-new song, “If I Was Your Lover.” The tune follows Moore’s recent track, “Fire On Wheels.”

Filmed in Charleston, SC, this sultry clip finds Moore starring alongside country newcomer Morgan Wade, who plays the role of his fictional love interest. The opening scene sees Moore riding solo on his motorcycle through the vast plains before he takes his place on a plush, gold sofa with a drink in his hand.

Inside a bar, Wade, who appears to be conversing with another man, catches Moore’s eye, and he imagines what life would be like if he were with her instead. As the clip progresses, scenarios play out in Moore’s mind. He pictures himself riding around his bike with the object of his desire and then envisions Wade’s character being affectionate with him alongside a body of water.

“I would love you / Wish I was your lover, lover / If I was your lover / If I was your lover / Your lover / You know I would love you,” Moore sings closing out his song with his signature rocker voice before finishing up his drink, and making his way out of the bar knowing his dreams of being with Wade’s character are well – just dreams.

As for the track, Wade doesn’t share vocals on “If I Was Your Lover,” nor did she write the tune. But, she does an exceptional job acting opposite Moore in the PJ Brown-directed clop. Written by Moore with Matt Bubel and co-produced by Moore and Bubel with The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnson, “If I Was Your Lover” lends itself as another well-thought-out Moore track with its captivating rock edge, thumping drum beat, and driving bass line.

Moore shared how the song came about with his co-writers.

“A close friend and incredible musician Matt Bubel came over one day during the initial lockdown. We started playing music late into the night, and that’s when he played the opening keys riff,” Moore said in a press release.

“My melody immediately fell out when I heard it but was unsure of what I wanted to say. It had such a hypnotic feel about it, and I listened to the recording of only that piece for the next few nights,” he continued. “I woke up with the whole lyric in my head one morning, and I’ve been waiting to release this song ever since then.”

As for co-starring with Wade, Moore says, “Filming the video with Morgan took the song to a whole new place. I’m excited for fans to hear this, along with see this video.”

Moore will soon take the road for his headlining Fire On Wheels Tour. The track kicks off in Salt Lake City, UT September 8 and features special guest Boy Named Banjo.

Tickets for Moore’s Fire On Wheels Tour can be purchased at

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