Luke Combs and Eric Church; Photos By Andrew Wendowski
Luke Combs and Eric Church; Photos By Andrew Wendowski

Luke Combs Recalls Getting So Drunk With Eric Church That He Got Sick On His Way Home

Luke Combs and his musical hero Eric Church’s first time hanging out together is quite a memory!

During a recent interview with CMT, the country superstar and 2021 CMT Artist Of The Year honoree recalled a time when he went to Eric Church’s house with his wife Nicole and got so drunk that he had to throw up on his way home. 

Before sharing the story, Combs did admit, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this,” however, the “Cold As You” singer continued to tell-all about the evening he had with Church.

“Everybody knows I’m a huge Eric Church fan and the first time I ever got to hang out with him, outside of like saying hello, was when I was actually writing for my second album and had rented a house,” Combs began to explain. “We figured out [that] we were going to be in the same place, and it wasn’t like ‘hey I’m doing a show tonight, so I gotta leave.’ It was like they were going to be in the same town we were going to be in for a couple of days.”

After Church found out that Combs and him were going to be in the same area during the same time, he invited him over for some drinks and a steak dinner, which he said was “fantastic.”

Combs continued, “He was like ‘hey, come over, we’ll have dinner, have a steak.’ Me and my wife, I think we got there at 6:30pm, Eric made the steaks, and I was a little bit like the guy’s The Chief but is he The Chief of the grill. Like we’re about to find out. They were fantastic, and he didn’t let me down. I was on the whiskey and the rest of them were on the wine, but whiskey has just a tad more alcohol than wine does, so I was on another plane of existence that evening than I think everyone else was. They made sure our glasses full the whole night, there’s no doubt…. which you’re not gonna say ‘no,’ at that point you know? You’re gonna have a good time… I’m not scared of a refill.”

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The country hitmaker went on to share that he and his wife left Church’s house around 4:30 AM with a driver, who safely drove the couple home. During the ride home, Combs got so sick from drinking that he had to stop in the middle of what he called a “really nice neighborhood” to throw up.

“We had a driver take us home and I think we made it to the car at 4:30 am, I think is when it was, I had to stop in the middle of this really nice neighborhood… Eric Church got me so drunk that I threw up on the way from leaving his house,” Combs added. “I didn’t throw up like in the house or anything but in the middle of the road. It’s kind of like semi-college ish, being like 4:30, you know what I mean. I don’t think he knows that either, so, I’m hoping that he doesn’t see this. You know I think that Eric might’ve paid for the driver. He may know that story, the driver might’ve been like ‘hey, this guy ralfed in the middle of the neighborhood.’ So, I haven’t gotten a bill yet, so that’s good.”

While his first experience with Church was certainly one to remember, he is ready to go back!

“Chief if I’m invited back over, me and the wife will come drink whiskey and wine and eat your steaks again,” Combs said as the clip concluded. “Guy can cook a steak.”

Luke Combs Tells Steve Austin How An Eric Church CD Influenced His Country Music Career: “That’s Where The Fire Caught Spark”

Previously, Combs has detailed how much Church means to him and even went as far as saying “without him there is no me” during the 2020 CMA Awards. He also recently told Steve Austin that hearing an Eric Church album is what initially influenced his country music career and after listening to it, “that’s where the fire caught spark.”

Additionally, the superstar recently paid tribute to Church during his first-ever headlining stadium concert with an impressive cover of “Carolina.” 


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