I Prevail have debuted a new version of their song “DOA” on Thursday (May 28) which features rapper Joyner Lucas. The original version of the song “DOA” appears on the bands GRAMMY-nominated album, Trauma, while this new version is a standalone track.

Lucas brings a fresh new sound to the already amazing track, with a brand new verse opening the heavy song from Lucas, fans surely will adore the new version as it’s perfectly fitting to the current times and blends with the song very well. You can read Lucas’ verse below:

“I close my eyes and contemplate on why I chose to be great
I found myself tryin’ to escape from where I’m ‘posed to be safe
Or maybe I should pray like I’m supposed to be saved
Sometimes I feel like gettin’ even but I chose to behave
I’m mentally locked in a prison and I need bail
But the internet’ll kill me quicker than the streets will
And if that shit doesn’t kill me then the police will
Or maybe all the refills, or the e pills, or the lean will.”

“I wish I was more flourished
I wish I had more courage
I feel like there’s more purpose
And maybe it’s all worth it
I wanna keep on learnin’
But I couldn’t be more nervous
When I keep lookin’ for answers and I gotta keep on searchin’
The tables keep on turnin’
Tryna call up to Jesus, but the phone keep on ringin’
I think I need more service
The calls seem more urgent
And all I see is more murders
The soldiers keep on servin’
I wonder if it’s all worth it, I wonder

This isn’t the first rap collaboration with I Prevail as they’ve previously worked with Justin Jones and singer Delaney Jones which can both be found on their album, Trauma. The band has also recently worked with EDM artists Illenium and Excision on the collaborative “Feel Something” track.

Hear the new remix below:

The music video for this collaborative version of “DOA” comes out at 10AM EST and can be watched below:

I Prevail released their album, Trauma, on March 29, 2019 and it has since amassed millions of streams and earned GRAMMY-nominations including Best Rock Album and Best Metal Performance for the album track “Bow Down.” Lucas released his latest album, ADHD, on March 27, 2020 and it has debuted at No. 10 in the Billboard Top 200.

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