The iconic pop artist, Tiffany just released her stripped-down EP, Pieces Of Me: Unplugged, on May 22 as she wanted to release something for fans to hear during the ongoing global health crisis while also working on her second love which is cooking with the launch of her cooking club ‘Lets Food With Tiffany.’ She has teamed up with several different brand affiliates to sell her cooking club members preferred products to help get that signature Tiffany touch to their recipes, first teaming up with Disco Sauce, to make you dish come alive with some spice. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to global and local food banks.

The Pieces Of Me: Unplugged EP included a sneak peak into her forthcoming new album, Shadows, which she says that fans can look forward to the new album being “retro rock” with “that old rock feel infused with punk.”

Tiffany continues to be adamant to get back out on the road to give that TIFFANY experience to show that she is more than a pop queen, it’s about her journey and substance that has brought her to the surface with her life, love and other journeys.

You can read our full interview with pop superstar Tiffany below to see what she has been up to and what you can look forward to in the near future.

How are you keeping busy during this Quarantine due to the novel coronavirus? Learn anything new while at home?
I’m doing ok, like everyone else, just trying to get through it all. Trying to stay positive and healthy. I’ve started my online cooking club, so there’s a lot happening there. So much to do, my fans are super excited and honestly I am too.

How do you think that concerts will be affected when life returns to “normal” after the novel coronavirus? Will you feel comfortable to return to the stage after this?
You know, I am not exactly sure what that will be. I am relying on the experts to tell us the best way to move forward. What’s most important is everyone’s health and safety. I am most comfortable on stage, so I don’t think that will change. I just can’t wait to get back on the road and play some of my new music.

Your new stripped-down EP called ‘Pieces Of Me: Unplugged’ came out on May 22, Can you tell us what inspired you to want to revisit your 2018 album?
With the pandemic I just felt like unplugged music was the right way for what everyone is feeling, the right temperature. We had these gems that we had produced and felt that was the right time to roll them out.

On the Pieces Of Me: Unplugged EP, you also are giving fans a taste of what is to come on your forthcoming eleventh studio album, Shadows, Can you tell us a bit about the new album you’re working on?
It’s my favorite album by far. It’s me being open and honest with my feelings and experiences. I think my fans are going to love it. Shadows will be released in the Fall, with 13 songs on it.

In a statement you said “This is a bridge to the harder, more punk side of me,” is this new album going to be more on the rock’n roll side with pop elements? What can fans expect to hear on the new album?
The new album is retro rock. It’s got that old rock feel infused with punk. They will hear raw emotions, me being open, honest with my past and evolving into my future.

You also recently launched a cooking club called ‘Let’s Food with Tiffany,’ which is said to be your second love after music. Can you give us a taste of what fans can look forward to about the cooking club?
Well, it’s pretty cool. My fans will be cooking along side of me. It’s a fun, interactive show that’s personal and comfortable.

What made you decide to want to bring fans into your kitchen?
I love cooking and my new cookbook will be coming out soon. So, this seemed to be the natural progression for me.

We really love the unique idea of zoom chatting with a fan one-on-one to walk them through a recipe and ask you questions, What are you most looking forward to about doing this?
Cooking with them. They get the recipe in advance and purchase the ingredients and then, we cook it together on zoom. It’s really a lot of fun.

Can you tell us about how you connected with and what you like most about your first partner of Disco Sauce?
Anyone that knows me knows I love hot sauces and spicy food. So when my publicist brought Disco Sauce to me, I instantly loved it!

What kinds of foods do you most enjoy cooking?
Definitely spicy. I enjoy cooking Lebanese, Mexican, Indian. I am Lebanese, so I love true authentic cooking.

You mentioned in a press release that before the quarantine you were headed to New Orleans to work with some great mentors, who were they and what were they going to teach you about cooking?
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get there because New Orleans became a hot spot for COVID-19. I am currently on the West Coast, hoping to get to work with amazing chefs here.

Anything else you would like to share with fans that we maybe didn’t mention within this interview and where can fans find you online?
I hope they are staying safe and I can’t wait to see you all soon.  I want to thank them, for being on this amazing journey with me. My fans are the best!

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