Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of TODAY SHOW
Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of TODAY SHOW

Kelly Clarkson Admits Her And Jake Hoot’s “I Would’ve Loved You” Duet Is “Relatable” Amid Divorce

Kelly Clarkson and Jake Hoot released their heart-wrenching duet “I Would’ve Loved You” earlier this year and on Monday (March 1) the superstar pairing sat down with TODAY Show hosts Jenna & Hoda to chat about it.

During Clarkson and Hoot’s appearance on TODAY With Jenna & Hoda, they discussed their powerful duet and Clarkson revealed why she gravitated towards the song as she says it’s “relatable” to her and so many other people. The GRAMMY-award winning singer also shared that the song’s message is unlike anything she’s ever heard before.

“If you have been in a relationship or you have been through a divorce, you understand that, that is a really hard thing to dive back into. Like that’s not an easy situation and That’s why I gravitated toward this song that Jake sent is because one, I thought it was amazing. He’s a fantastic singer, but songwriter. People that have been through a divorce, and you love someone so much, you feel that. I know this message well in my heart,” Clarkson explained.

Clarkson continued, “Obviously, Jake does too and a lot of other people. And I think y’all would agree, It’s very hard to write a fresh idea, right now, you know what i’m saying? Like the messages have already all been said and i’ve never heard anything quite like this.”

Bush Hager also asked Clarkson about her writing a bunch of new songs, which Clarkson says is “therapeutic” for her, amid her ongoing divorce.

“I have, I’ve written a ton, and it was interesting though, cause most of it is all me and it’s just because its therapeutic for me and you know Jake will get this, and I think Jake you obviously wrote this song too because you’ve been through a situation, that I don’t know if he wants to share. People have been sending me songs and honestly, I haven’t recorded any really that aren’t ones that i’ve written on except for two. One of them was this one and that’s because I think this message is so relatable to so many people, unfortunately. You know, it’s like I would’ve done… I would’ve loved you so hard and now it’s like gone. That’s a lot of loss and grief in that and then another song was actually from another Voice winner of mine, Brynn [Cartelli], I recorded for my album.”

The Voice coach filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock, after nearly seven years of marriage, in a Los Angeles court on June 6, citing irreconcilable differences.

Tonight (March 1), Clarkson will return to her big red chair on The Voice at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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