Video by: Courtney Dellafiora (@dellafiora)

Keith Wallen Releases ‘A Star Is Born’ Cover of “Shallow”

Keith Wallen released a cover of ‘A Star Is Born’ classic song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” and he did the song justice, with his unique vocal range and perfectly nailing the Gaga parts of the song making fans shocked over his impeccable voice.

Wallen talked about the cover saying, “While on our fall tour I had the opportunity to see A Star is Born. I was so inspired by the movie and the performance Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave in this film. I love the song they sang together called Shallow and thought it’d be fun to cover it! Hope you guys like it.” The video was

Check out his “Shallow” cover below:

Video by: Courtney Dellafiora (@dellafiora)

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