Luke Bryan, Katy Perry; Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Orlando Bloom, Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Luke Bryan, Katy Perry; Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Orlando Bloom, Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Katy Perry Shows Luke Bryan Shirtless Video Of Fiancé Orlando Bloom Sending His “Man Crush To A Higher Level”

Katy Perry teased fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan about his “man crush” on her fiancé, actor, Orlando Bloom during a May 16 interview with Access Hollywood.

Perry and her fellow Idol judges Bryan and Lionel Richie reacted to which contestants made the top 3 when they spoke with Access Hollywood.

In discussing what’s changed over the last five years since Perry, Bryan, and Richie joined the Idol franchise, Access Hollywood mentioned Perry’s daughter, Daisy as well as her temporary move to Kentucky where her fiancé Bloom shot his new movie, Red Right Hand.

It was at this moment Perry teased Bryan about his “man crush” on Bloom.

“In an effort to really body-shame me, Katy showed me some clips of [Red Right Hand] with Orlando with his shirt off doing pull-ups,” Bryan shared. “I mean, he’s engaging already amazing muscles. Therefore, already sending my man crush to a higher level.”

“Man crush to the moon,” Perry chimed in, before Bryan added, “I’m telling Katy to have Orlando handwrite me whatever in the hell he’s eating because I need more of it.”

Bryan and Bloom’s “bromance” was teased during this season of Idol, with Bryan joking that he and Bloom were “slowly falling in love.”

“[Orlando] talks about you now in the car all the time,” Perry informed Bryan. “It’s crazy. He’s like, ‘Luke’s such a good guy, isn’t he?,'” she shared. “Yeah, yeah. He’s a sweet kid.”

In another clip from this season of Idol, Bryan could be seen holding his iPhone to his ear while a makeup artist applied touch-ups in between auditions.

“Orlando just loves taking a call,” Perry said before a third clip of her on the phone with her fiance played. Perry had her phone on speaker, which prompted Bryan to say “what’s up homey?.” Bloom then responded, “what’s up bro?,” which generated a laugh from Bryan.

“Get yourself someone who looks at you like Orlando looks at Luke,” Perry said in a subsequent clip in which she cried over the fact that her fiance seemed to like Bryan more than her.

“I haven’t heard from my fiancé all day,” she shared. “But meanwhile, he sends video messages with hearts in his eyes to Luke.”

Back in February, Bryan opened up to Good Morning America about his growing friendship with the English actor, saying Perry was jealous of their bromance.

“[Katy is] really a little jealous because she believes that Orlando kinda might have a little man crush on me,” Bryan told Good Morning America. “Orlando came into Nashville and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him. So yeah, me and Orlando, our love is strong,” he said.

American Idol recently wrapped its 20th season last Sunday (May 22), crowning Kentucky native Noah Thompson as the winner.

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