Katelyn Brown Says She Knew Kane Brown Was The One From The Moment They Met

“Holy crap, I’m going to marry him,” Katelyn said of she and Kane’s first date.


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Posted on April 1, 2023

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Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Katelyn Brown recently admitted she knew her country superstar husband, Kane Brown was “the one” on their first date.

Katelyn joined her husband on Katie & Company’s Superstar Power Hour with Audacy’s Katie Neal back on Feb. 10 to discuss their No. 1 song, “Thank God” when Katelyn opened up about the early days of their relationship.

“Holy Crap, I’m Going To Marry Him

“When you guys first started dating, did you know that each other was your person, was there a moment that you remember that you’re like, ‘yes,’” Neal asked the couple.

Katelyn was quick to say that she did.

“I just remember having our first official date and he was talking and I wasn’t really listening to anything he was saying. And in my mind I was thinking, ‘Holy crap, I’m going to marry him,’” Katelyn told Neal. “Something just felt inside of me that this is my person. So I knew pretty much right away. I don’t know if Kane did,” she added.

Kane then shared his first impression of his now-wife.

“I definitely knew something was different about her, and it was just weird for me because it was like my music career was just starting off. And as an artist, you know, kind of got to be wary about things. But she was so sweet and immediately I knew because we got engaged,” he said.

“Never Looked at a ring

In discussing their engagement, Katelyn revealed she had no idea when Kane was going to propose and that he showed up at her parents’ house at three o’clock one morning to pop the question.

“We got engaged pretty fast. And then we had a kind of long engagement before we got married. But we never even talked about getting married. We never even talked about getting engaged. I’d never looked at a ring a day in my life,” Katelyn told Neal.

“I hear tons of my girlfriends or whoever, they’re like, ‘Well, I think it’s like this month. And then they’re like, Well, we went to the ring store and I picked,’ and I’m like, ‘What? …was like, you do that? I never even knew what an Emerald Cut was [and] I didn’t know anything about anything with rings.’ Kane’s a very spontaneous person when he has a feeling or he knows he goes for it. So, I guess [he] got the feeling. And he went shopping.”

“And Kane showed up at my house at 3:00 AM at my parents’ house while I was sleeping and proposed to me. I thought I was dreaming, had no idea. Woke up the next morning engaged and my mom knew that he was going to propose that weekend, but not until the next day. And woke up the next morning and I walked downstairs. She’s like, ‘are you surprised he’s here? And I was like, are you surprised?’ And she’s like, ‘Wait, he proposed. He couldn’t even wait,’” she continued.

Recently Made History With Their Duet, “Thank God

In addition to recounting their early relationship days and eventual proposal, the Browns also discussed their duet, “Thank God,” which recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard County Airplay chart and Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart.

YouTube video

Katelyn said she was both excited and nervous to get in the recording booth and lay her vocals down on the track.

“I was excited and a little nervous. I love [producer] Dan Huff so much, and I’ve been around him for years because of Kane and oh my gosh, I was like, ‘Thank God.’ No, no pun intended. Thank God it’s with Dan Huff because he’s just such a light and so warm. So the process was really fun, actually in the studio. I liked it,” she said.

“I mean, she wanted to do it. Yeah. Yeah. It was just a little convincing that she was going to kill it,” Kane added.

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