Kane Brown; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Kane Brown; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Kane Brown Unifies Fans With Empowering New Song “Worldwide Beautiful”

Kane Brown unifies fans with his latest song “Worldwide Beautiful” on Thursday (June 4), a song that is perfectly fitting for the current times that we live in, where we need nothing more than to be brought together.

Brown decided to release this song early as he been holding onto it for “a year” now and he hopes that it will “bring us together during this time.” The lyrics bring hope as they speak to the current state of the world perfectly, and you can read them below.

“You’re missing every color
If you’re only seeing black and white
Tell me how you’re gonna change your mind
If your heart’s unmovable
We ain’t that different from each other
From one to another, I look around
And see worldwide beautiful”

“It’s a song about meaning. It brings up color, that I’m really excited about. I’m really excited to show it to the world,” Brown told Billboard in a recent interview.

All proceeds from the song will benefit The Boys And Girls Clubs of America.

The song follows Brown’s recently released single “Cool Again” and will be present on his forthcoming EP.

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