Kane Brown Surprises Unsuspecting Fan With $50,000 Tuition Scholarship

Kane Brown teamed up with Dr. Pepper to pay for one lucky fan’s school tuition.

In a new video shared on Brown’s Twitter, it shows Brown and a music industry executive/previous winner of Dr. Pepper’s tuition toss Nikki Boon surprising a fan named Mario virtually with a $50,000 tuition payment.

In the video Boon and Brown surprised the fan who thought he was playing a game of trivia with a gift that will help him pay for his school tuition costs.

“Hi Mario, My name is Nikki and I actually won the Dr. Pepper scholarship giveaway back in 2010, I think you were planning on playing trivia today but I actually instead of that, I have somebody that I want to introduce you to, Kane Brown,” Boon said to the unsuspecting fan on a zoom call.

“For real, I was panicking this entire year, this year’s not been great

“Well, what if I made your day better and told you that Dr. Pepper and I are giving you $50,000 dollars in tuition,” Brown said surprising Mario.

“Are you serious,” Mario quickly replied.

“Yea,” Brown said happily.

“Oh my gosh, it’s been nerve wracking honestly just cause like the money’s on the line and i’m like oh shoot, I just want to get my education paid for,” Mario explained.

“Well, now you have $50,000 dollars to pay for your school,” Boon said to Mario.

“that is amazing, oh my gosh, thank you guys,” Mario replied.

You can watch the surprise video below.

Brown previously collaborated with Dr. Pepper for an exclusive ‘The Perfect Duet‘ performance.

Learn more about the #DrPepperTuitionGiveaway at www.drpepper.com

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