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Jonny Craig Threatens Legal Actions Against Rape Accusations

Jonny Craig recently announced that he is going to be a dad in a new post, sparking his rape accusations to be brought back up in the media and by fans across the internet.

Craig is best known as the former lead singer of bands Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa and Slaves, as well as the short-lived supergroup Isles and Glaciers. Since moving on as a solo artist, Craig has went on to release two studio albums, two EPs and one live album.

Craig’s struggles with addiction and substance abuse which has been widely publicized resulting in his departure from bands and multiple stints in and out of rehab. However, Craig has made it clear that he has been clean and sober for the past year now and promises to give his new child everything he never received in life and prove that he can be the man that everyone wants him to be.

Back in 2017, several women came forward across social media with rape accusations against the former Slaves frontman Jonny Craig. The allegations then immediately brought on some negativity for the band and Craig, with Slaves being dropped from their label home, Artery Recordings.

Craig issued a statement in January 2018 that told fans he has “never raped anyone.” His full statement read:

“Let me make it clear. I have never raped ANYONE or sexual assulted anyone. You can say i am many things. A junkie. A theif. A cheater a shitty BF for sure. you can call me many things but in NO WAY do i condone hurting someone like that! Sometimes i say mean shit and don’t think Before i speak.. like saying i will burn said persons house down if she sold my stuff. All I’m thinking about it is my shoes that cost more than her rent. Stupid i know.

I have no hate towards any of these girls. I dont care about about two of them and I’m sorry that I was on Drugs and i didn’t think about anyone but myself. Im sorry we had horrible relationships and you stayed knowing i was an addict and cared more about the drugs then you. That being said Goodluck with your lives because i am willing to work with any law inforcment agencies to Help clear my name of this serious but untrue slander and to help show that my band and I do not promote violence towards anyone esp woman.

We want all those who have really been hurt to be able to step forward without being scared. This all being said as A man I’m going to Take all the mistakes i have made in my life and in these past relationships and apply them to making sure i treat @taylorndean with nothing but love and respect because being off heroin has allowed me to have a real perspective on life and how being the best man i can be For not only myself but for my fans and family is what’s most important to me in 2018.

Thank you so much for reading this and again i hope the best for all 3 of these lady’s and i hope they heal from whatever damage i have caused. One love. Positivity and the right people in your life can change everything. I am living proof. Oh yeah… and blunts hahah. Love you guys!”

Craig then was kicked out of his band Slaves in January of 2019 with his bandmates accusing him of a relapse with his battle with drug addiction. Leaving Matt McAndrew to fill in for him, which then ended as McAndrew replacing him as the new vocalist for the band.

In a recent livestream, Craig threatened legal actions against three women who have accused him back in 2017. During the livestream Craig can be heard saying the following to his rape accusers:

“…You’re a bunch of fucking liars and I can not wait for this new year. ‘Cause I am about to fucking unload on you. You thought you were just gonna get away with saying some bullshit on me? Yeah… Enjoy it. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

“…I hope I get her mom in it [assumingely the lawsuit] too. I hope I take the fuck out of her house. I hope I take her for everything. I hate to be petty and shit. But you wanted to play the game and now you got it.”

Some of the girls who originally accused him, were mentioned by name in the livestream, took to social media after to respond to his livestreamed comments saying “So strung out on H he forgot my last name lmao. I wish this bitch boy would show up and try to unload on me.”

Another saying, “yes because spending all that money to sue us will really pay off when you’re in jail for rape and that baby is raised alone. priorities.”

These comments come just days after a new woman, Taylor Nicole Dean, has come forth with allegations against him of sexual assault and an abusive relationship which she shared all of the details of as well as screenshots of within a new YouTube video that she posted on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31). She posted the video on her Youtube channel then sharing it Twitter saying, “every time he hurt me I wondered if anyone would ever know. every night I cried alone I wondered if anyone would ever know. I never thought I’d choose myself over him. but today I did. this is my experience with Jonny Craig. A weight has been lifted.”

You can watch all of the videos of the threats made within the livestream below:

Jonny Craig then made sure to make it known that he has officially gotten a lawyer, saying “having actual legal counsel is probably the COOLEST thing ever lol laywers are even cockier than singers lol.”

Craig further showcased his support of his new baby on the way and says his primary focus is “doing right” for his “baby” and “staying clean.”

Jonny Craig is expecting a new baby with his current girlfriend, Syd.

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