Jessie James Decker, Husband Eric Decker & Family; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Jessie James Decker, Husband Eric Decker & Family; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Jessie James Decker’s Thinking About Having More Kids: “The Kids Have Been Asking For A Baby Sister”

Jessie James Decker has changed her mind from a hard “no” to a “maybe?” in regard to having more kids. Together, her and her husband, Eric Decker, are parents to their three children, a daughter, Vivianne Rose, 7, and two sons,  Eric “Bubby” Thomas II, 6, and Forrest Bradley, 3. 

“I’ve been extra lovey lately and having the big question mark of ‘is this the end of our baby creating? Are we done?'” the “Should Have Known Better” singer wrote on social media alongside a heartwarming family photo. “I’m so content and full of joy with our 3 but I do go through ups and downs of not being sure at this moment to make it final. I was a total NO up until recently.”

A bit of persuasion from the kids at home left Decker thinking about the possibility of having more. She added that she has given the idea of adding another member to the family a lot of careful consideration, including all the difficult parts that come with pregnancy.

So the question is… is she ready to do that again? Decker is a mom of three, a singer/songwriter, an influencer and a business owner. She owns Kittenish, a retail store that currently has three locations – Nashville, Dallas and Tampa. Decker definitely has her plate full of all the hard work she puts into her career, so adding another child could be a wonderful, yet difficult task at the same time.

“The kids have been asking for a baby sister. It’s a battle and heavy on my mind lately,” Decker continues. “The idea of worn out pregnancy and always being scared if the baby is growing ok, the hospital stuff (especially with how things are now), the getting sick (I always do) and having my three others to care for etc, is a big factor.”

“But like I said, I’m just going through all of the emotions right now. Maybe not right now? Maybe in a few years? Maybe it will pass? Anyone else here? Need to pray on it,” she concludes the post.

Following the full family portrait, she shared an image of just her kids in their matching neutral colored outfits with a caption that paired well with the bright essence of the background of the photo. She wrote, “Just because I love these family photos so much! Wanted to share another. My sunshines.”

In the photo, her daughter Vivianne Rose is flashing her big smile, showcasing her brand-new braces. Decker shared this milestone on social media as well, since it is such a big moment in her little one’s life. “Brace-ing myself because my baby is growing up too fast!” she captioned the post. 

Decker is preparing to bring her music on the road with the launch of her The Woman I’ve Become Tour, which kicks off on April 14 in Detroit, Michigan, and will feature support from Adam Doleac. The trek will make stops around the U.S. through early June.

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