Jessie James Decker; Photo Courtesy of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve/ABC
Jessie James Decker; Photo Courtesy of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve/ABC

Jessie James Decker Says “Brick By Brick” She’s “Getting Closer” To Feeling Accepted In Country Music

 Jessie James Decker revealed that she’s “getting closer” to feeling accepted within the Country music community.

During a recent interview with Music Mayhem, Decker shared that “brick by brick” things are positively changing for her.

“I feel like it is inch by inch. I’m getting closer and closer,” Decker told us. “And when I say that, it comes from a positive place of ‘I love this community, I love country music, this is my heart.'”

She went on to explain that while she has created success for herself with other business ventures such as being a TV personality and being the owner of the popular fashion brand, Kittenish

“And yes, I have had the blessings and been so fortunate to venture out on other things,” Decker continued. But I don’t think that should take away from where I started. I started in this town and this is the way I will finish my life is in country music. And so I think it should be seen as a positive that I’m an entrepreneur and a businesswoman and that I have a lot of ways that I want to express myself. But country music is where my heart is and I am staying true to that. And I just hope it continues to be understood that way. But yes, brick by brick, I think I’m getting closer to feeling that.”

Decker’s comments come months after her June 23 Instagram post, where she admitted she has really “struggled the last couple years” and has thought about “quitting everything.”

“I’ve been wanting to be a country singer since I was nine years old and sometimes, I feel like I’m constantly in a battle with the rest of the industry to prove to them that I’m not just a TV personality or an influencer because that has outshined my music,” Decker explained in her post. “As a woman in 2022, I don’t understand why I can’t have a family, publish books, own a fashion brand, be an influencer, and do TV without being questioned if I take my music career seriously just because I’ve chosen to dream big.”


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Decker continued, saying she’s battled mental health, body image, and family issues on top of career issues and wanted to be honest about how she was feeling.

“I know this is a lot of information, but I wanted to get how I’ve been feeling off my chest. You have been with me my whole career and it almost didn’t feel authentic to not share what l’ve been going through. I have such a beautiful life and so many blessings, but I still have struggles and need to sit back and work on my mental health. I feel like I try to only post the good sometimes, but I think being open and honest will also help me heal through this. I know I’m not alone. And I wanted you to know you’re not alone too. I’m working through it and navigating daily on how to heal,” she added.

After sharing the post, Decker’s fans and fellow country artists alike flood her comments section to let her know she wasn’t alone.

Despite the struggles she’s faced, Decker hasn’t quit the music industry and has reached impressive milestones in her career.

Prior to her Instagram post, she headlined the Ryman Auditorium as part of her The Woman I’ve Become Tour. She also competed on season 31 of Dancing With The Stars, and released her Billy Currington collaboration, “I Still Love You.”

In addition, she recently teased a new project she’ll be working on this year.

“I’m getting back into the studio the first few months of [the new] year,” Decker shared. “I’ve taken off, so I can focus on making more music as much as possible. So that is the goal. And, we’ve got a bunch of studio time cleared out for that.”

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