Jason Aldean, Jason Aldean & Son Memphis; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Jason Aldean, Jason Aldean & Son Memphis; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Jason Aldean Talks Moving Into New Florida Home & Gives Update On Son Memphis’ Injury

Jason Aldean shared updates on his son Memphis’ recent injury as well as his family’s move to Florida while co-hosting Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton on Jun. 4.

Aldean, who posted about his son’s first trip to the emergency room as a result of the injury, told Helton that the four-year-old got hurt while “playing in the pool.”

“[Memphis] was playing in the pool, [he] hit his chin on the side of the pool. It wasn’t too crazy, but it needed a couple of stitches,” Aldean explained. “The worst part was he couldn’t go in the pool for a couple of days. He was ticked off about that. He’s good now,” he added.

In discussing what a typical vacation day is like for his family, Aldean said his son, Memphis and three-year-old daughter Navy Rome, “love the pool” and that Memphis also enjoys searching for “pirate treasure.”

“For them, they love the pool. Memphis is big into finding pirate treasure,” Aldean shared with Helton. “So we got him a metal detector, and we’ll go down to the beach to find some pirate treasure. Sometimes it’s me throwing a few quarters so he finds something.”

When asked if Memphis has found any pirate treasure using his metal detector yet, Aldean had a bit of a surprising answer.

“No, and actually he hasn’t found all the quarters I leave, so I’m actually down some money!,” he said.

Besides discussing his children and Memphis’ injury, Aldean also shared a bit more about his family’s recent move to Florida.

“We bought [our Florida home] in February, and this is the first chance we’ve had to come down here and stay,” Aldean explained.  “We’re still getting the house ready, and learning the area, but we love it down here,” he added.

Aldean’s wife Brittany took to Instagram on May 9 to share that she and her country singer husband were “officially Florida residents again,” posting a photo of a swimming pool with a hot tub surrounded by palm trees to her Instagram story.

In a later video posted to her feed, Aldean’s wife took fans on a tour of their new home.

In a March interview with Music Mayhem, Aldean revealed that he and wife Brittany had purchased and re-modeled their Florida home.


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