Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton; Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC
Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton; Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Gwen Stefani Reveals Why Husband Blake Shelton Is Leaving ‘The Voice’ & His Plans For After The Show

Blake Shelton recently announced he will exit The Voice next year after a lengthy 23-season run. The country crooner, 46, no doubt, has been a mainstay for fans on reality TV competition series and Gwen Stefani sympathizes with folks who have gotten used to tuning in every week to catch the Oklahoma native showing off his charming personality, witty remarks and epic banter with his co-stars.

“I feel sorry for everyone because honestly he’s so talented. He’s so funny,” Stefani said while chatting with Extra on the Live Shows red carpet on Monday (Nov. 14). “He’s so great on the show, and I’m sorry guys. But it wasn’t my decision. It’s totally him, and I’m excited to see what’s going to come next because I bet you something’s out there that we don’t even know about.”

Even though Stefani, 53, insists she didn’t have anything to do with Shelton’s decision to hang up his coaching hat on The Voice, she says she has a hunch that it might have to do with his overlapping schedule and goals that he has yet to accomplish outside of the popular reality sing-off show.

“I think he just wants more time,” the mother of sons Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, said. “I don’t know if people realize it, but if he’s doing two seasons a year, in between that, he’s touring. So he actually has two teams at the same time at a certain point. They overlap, so it’s a lot of brain power. It’s a lot of time away from the family for those kind of things.”

“I think he just got to a point where he just wants time at his ranch to just do the other things that he loves to do,” she continued. “And I’m totally speaking for you, Blake. Sorry! I’m married to you, so I can say whatever I want.”

Fans will recall Stefani and Shelton’s love story began on the set of The Voice. They formed a connection as co-stars in 2014 after bonding over their respective divorces. The pair confirmed a romance in 2015, and their love has blossomed ever since. In the fall of 2020, they got engaged before tying the knot the following year in an intimate ceremony at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch.

Since meeting each other, Shelton and Stefani have starred alongside each other on The Voice for six seasons. When asked if she’d return to The Voice after Shelton’s departure, Stefani says she would oblige but admits things would be a bit unusual without her hubby by her side.

“I love this show.’ I love being here. I love coaching. I love seeing everybody grow right in front of my eyes. I love being impactful. They inspire me. So, ‘yes.’ Ask me back, and I’ll come back,” she said. “It would be really weird without Blake, though. I don’t even know what would happen. That would be weird.”

“Blake, he’s so much a part of what makes this show. His energy. His sense of humor. His warmth and authenticity.…,” Camila Cabello, who, was also interviewed on the Live Shows red carpet, chimed in. “I feel like he’s kind of like the heart of the show in a lot of ways, so I think he will be so missed.”

Looking ahead, Stefani says even though she will miss seeing Shelton turning around his red chair, she is ready to see what unfolds when he starts his new chapter away from the show.

“I’m excited for him because we have lives outside of work, and it’s a really good life. It’s really fun,” she said. “We have so much fun. We have, Oklahoma, which is something I never knew I needed, and wanted. We plant a garden and do all sorts of fun stuff. So we’re looking forward to doing some of that family stuff together. It’s going to be great.”

The Voice is currently in the midst of the Season 22 Live Playoffs, so fans still have plenty more time to catch Shelton on the small screen. At this point, the “No Body” singer has the most contestants in the running for the grand prize, which means he could pull off another win to continue his reign as the winningest coach.

The Voice Season 23 will find Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance The Rapper joining Shelton as coaches. Also, next year, Shelton will take the road for his recently announced 18-date Back To The Honky Tonk Tour. The trek, which features special guests Carly Pearce and Jackson Dean, kicks off on February 16 in Lincoln, NE.

The Voice Season 22 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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