Garth Brooks Says His Daughter Allie Colleen Reminds Him Of Kelly Clarkson As They Both “Can Sing Anything”

Country music icon Garth Brooks joined the singer and songwriter behind “Since U Been Gone” on The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat about his rising star daughter, Allie Colleen, who is pursuing a career in country music – without his help.

On Monday, September 6, The Kelly Clarkson Show took to YouTube to share an interview with Brooks that was shot around the Holidays in 2020. As the hitmaker sits in front of Christmas-inspired directions, he shared with Clarkson that her sound and musical talents remind him of his daughters.

“You two guys remind me scarily of each other because one, both of you can sing anything but what kills me is neither one of you seem to ever wear out,” says Brooks. “It’s like two o’clock in the morning, and she’s still [talking],’ he adds.

Clarkson immanently agreed and continued to share that someone from her beauty crew mentioned that she was a chatterbox as well. “Literally, my makeup artist told me that yesterday in the chair, she goes, ‘I don’t know where you get all this energy from,'” she laughed as she made the connection.

The comparison speaks volumes about his daughter’s talents, as she is currently an independent artist trying to break into the scene. However, her Clarkson-like sound beams through her latest 11-track collection, Stones.

Like her father, Colleen understands the business side of the music industry. While rolling out her album, she released physical copies and slowly added songs to popular streaming platforms. “It’s a combination of old business and new. There is no map to this business, I am just trying to make my name and place truly my own,” shares Brooks, daughter during an exclusive Music Mayhem interview.

The toe-tapping record produced by Joe Costa and Ben Watts was released back in April. However, fans can listen to the full-fledged album come Friday, November 19, on all digital music platforms. “It’s impossible to listen to this album and not learn who Allie Colleen is as both a songwriter and an artist – I am so excited to share this album with everyone,” she shares about the collection becoming available everywhere.

The “Only Oklahoma” songstress is currently out on tour, showcasing her wide vocal range and impeccable songwriting abilities. Fans of Colleen and the rest of the Brooks family can purchase tickets to her upcoming live shows, here.

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