Caleb Lee Hutchinson; Photo by @sam_thecameraman/IG
Caleb Lee Hutchinson; Photo by @sam_thecameraman/IG

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Shares How The Songwriters Of Nashville Welcomed Him With Open Arms

When a country newcomer arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, two and a half years ago, he felt like he had to alter the way people look at him as an artist. So, in true songwriter fashion – the “Who I Am” musician turned to notable names in the industry who saw his overflowing potential.

In a recent interview with Music Mayhem, the American Idol alum opened up about his experience moving to music city and how he found his place at the writing-table. “I met Brent Cobb through a writing session with him, and I’ve gotten to hang out and sit in a room and write with so many people that I used to sing their songs in bars in high school,” shares Caleb Lee Hutchinson. 

After rubbing elbows with creatives within Nashville, Hutchinson grew as a vocalist and storyteller. Therefore, it didn’t take long for him to recognize who he truly was as a performer. The internal awakening encouraged him to call up Grammy-winning producer Brent Cobb to craft his forthcoming sophomore EP, Slot Machine Syndrome.

During lockdown due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Hutchinson turned to songwriting to escape reality. So, when it was time to create the tracklist for the highly anticipated EP, he found it challenging to narrow down his best options.

“I just kind of came to Brent Cobb, who produced the record with me, and I sent him all the songs. I just said, ‘Hey man, tell me which of these speak to you.’ At the same time, I was grouping some together as well and trying to figure out what felt right,” he says about the writing and recording process.

With the five-track collection officially underway and set to drop on September 17, Caleb revealed that it was his talented friends who run the honky-tonk town that inspired him to keep honing in on his craft and striving for greatness.

“I have so many talented friends that I have made here, and it’s inspiring to be around so many people who are so incredible and such good people. “says the Georgia native. “That’s been a highlight just personally and made me feel a lot better about being here,” he adds.

Similar to several other musicians, the dream chaser pulls inspiration from the trailblazers that have come before him. So, to form his emotionally driven collection that showcases his electric-twang sound, the potential hitmaker took a look at how Jerry Reed and Merle Haggard formatted their successful ballads.

However, it was the time that he saw country-folk singer John Prine grace the stage at the legendary Grand Ole Opry that left an everlasting mark on his Nashville experience and music. “I got to go to the Opry and see John Prine a year before he passed away, which I’m forever grateful for because John Prine is one of my favorite artists ever,” reveals Caleb. “So, that’s easily a highlight.”

As fans wait patiently to hear his transformative sound on Slot Machine Syndrome, they can head to to buy tickets to see him live and in action at intimate venues across America. Click here to purchase tickets.

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