Garth Brooks Hopes To Collaborate With Ashley McBryde: “I’d Do A Song With Her In A Heartbeat”

“I’d do a song with her in a heartbeat,” Brooks said of a potential collaboration with McBryde.


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Posted on March 6, 2023

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Garth Brooks & Ashley McBryde; Photos Provided

Garth Brooks is a big fan of Ashley McBryde.

Brooks and McBryde wrote a song together in 2021. Brooks also invited McBryde to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry back in October 2022. And Brooks recently shared he’d love to collaborate with the “Girl Going Nowhere” singer.

On a Feb. 27 episode of his weekly Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, Brooks said he would do a song with McBryde “in a heartbeat.”

“I’d do a song with her in a heartbeat … We’ve written together,” Brooks said.

“Of course, when it’s Ashley McBryde, you’re sitting across from her and you say, ‘Hey, try this line,’ and you hear her just sing that line, you’re going, ‘Well, I don’t know if that line is just a pile of sh-t or not because it sounded so fantastic.’ You can’t tell, because everything she sings sounds like a smash,” he continued.

80 days ‘til VEGAS!!!!!!! love, g

80 days ‘til VEGAS!!!!!!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, February 27, 2023

Brooks Said McBryde Is A Songwriting “Animal

While a collaboration between Brooks and McBryde has yet to happen, the pair have teamed up to write music. During a previous episode of Inside Studio G, Brooks referred to McBryde as “an animal,” sharing how she absolutely killed it during their songwriting session.

“I got to write with Ashley McBryde today, which we never got to, and so that was pretty cool, and Mitch Rossell,” the “Friends in Low Places” singer revealed at the time.

“We got a three-way write. Me and Mitch just sat and watched her. She’s an animal. She just tore it up. I can tell you exactly what we wrote – something country. It’s country. I love writing country music. I’ll be happy to go off and do kind of a modern take on country music with some of these writers, but this one is stone country. It’s my favorite kind,” he explained.

We're Back!

We’re back in more ways than one!!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, March 15, 2021

Brooks Has Covered “Girl Going Nowhere

Of course, Brooks doesn’t just enjoy writing with McBryde, he also likes covering her songs.

Brooks covered McBryde’s seminal hit, “Girl Going Nowhere” from her 2017 album of the same name, changing the title to “Boy Going Nowhere” while still maintaining the original track’s integrity.

Brooks’ cover became such a hit with fans that he actually asked McBryde if he could record it for his 2018 live album.

“We didn’t think he was gonna put it on the record,” McBryde told The Boot in 2018. “So, it was really cool when he called and said, ‘Miss Ashley, can I put “Boy Going Nowhere” on my record?’ I was like, ‘Yes sir, you can.’”

“I’m gonna say, it’s really cool to have Garth Brooks cut my song. It’s even cooler when his name pops up on your phone,” she continued. “Of course, I don’t have him in there as a contact, but when the name popped up, I was showing everybody! I was like, ‘Do you see this?! It’s Garth!’”

The “Girl Going Nowhere” singer told the outlet that although Brooks is one of the most well-known country artists, he was “the nicest guy in the world” when they spoke.

“[I answered and said] ‘Hello, sir,’ and he said, ‘Miss Ashley, it’s Garth,’” she explained. “You just melt. Your knees go out from under you. He’s the nicest guy in the world.”

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Duets Album and Vegas Residency

While fans may have to wait a little longer for Brooks and McBryde to join forces on a song, they’ll get to hear Brooks trade vocals with a few other artists, including his wife, Trisha Yearwood on his upcoming duets’ album.

“I will tell you this, the duets record that’s coming is not just of the queen. The queen’s in there, of course, ’cause you can’t do it without her. … If I can be remembered in this business, I would much rather be remembered as a part of a duet career with Trisha Yearwood than I would as myself as a solo artist,” Brooks shared of the project.

He’ll also be performing his Garth Brooks/Plus ONE Las Vegas Residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace beginning on May 18.

Fans can buy tickets for Brooks’ Las Vegas residency HERE.

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