Cade Foehner And Gabby Barrett; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Cade Foehner And Gabby Barrett; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Gabby Barrett Gushes Over Her Husband Cade Foehner’s Generosity And Hopes Her Baby Girl “Gets Cade’s Hair”

Gabby Barrett is due to have her baby girl “any day” now and she is super thankful for her husband, Cade Foehner, and his generosity as she says her third pregnancy trimester has “definitely been the hardest.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, the “I Hope” singer praised Foehner’s attentiveness throughout her pregnancy.

“He’s just been very nice. He rubs my feet every single night. He’s been extra, extra thoughtful,” Barrett said. “And pregnancy can sometimes bring on mood swings and all of those crazy things from the lovely hormones.” Adding that “He’s just been very patient about it and very understanding.”

Barrett also gushed of Foehner’s hair and says that she hopes her baby girl has his hair and not hers.

“I hope she gets Cade’s hair, not mine,” she adds with a laugh. “He has much nicer hair than I do.”

The singer later adding that she’s “always wanted to be a mom,” saying it has always been ingrained in her since a “very young age.”

“I remember being in high school and I would always pray about my future spouse and my future kids,” Barrett explained. “I just can’t wait to see what she looks like. It’s insane to me that we are literally right around the corner from this; that she’s coming very soon.”

Additionally, Barrett shared that although she is due to have her first child any day now. She definitely wants to have children in the future, saying “we’re ready to add on to our family and get some babies in there, and I definitely want to have more than one in the future, for sure.”

According to the couple on Instagram, they celebrated their “last date as a party of two” on Thursday (Jan. 14).

She also revealed that she will be taking a brief “break from music” following the birth of her first child, to give her baby girl her undivided attention as she feels “it’s really important to focus on her.”

The superstar’s chart-topping debut single “I Hope” recently hit new heights of success earning Barrett the new RIAA certification of 4x Platinum, signifying sales of 4 million units, which is equal to one paid download or 150 streams.

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