Dierks Bentley Is “Super Appreciative” For Seven Peaks Festival Co-Headliner Morgan Wallen: “I Love His Music”

Dierk Bentley’s Seven Peaks Music Festival is back! The 3-day event will take place throughout Labor Day Weekend and features an “unbelievable” lineup. “I’m so pumped to finally announce the lineup for Seven Peaks this year,” he shared on social…


Madeleine O'Connell


Posted on April 28, 2022

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Dierks Bentley, Photo Courtesy ABC; Morgan Wallen, Photo Courtesy of David Lehr

Dierk Bentley’s Seven Peaks Music Festival is back! The 3-day event will take place throughout Labor Day Weekend and features an “unbelievable” lineup.

“I’m so pumped to finally announce the lineup for Seven Peaks this year,” he shared on social media following the announcement.

Bentley founded this Colorado-based festival back in 2018 and this year, it’s returning for its third run. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their plans in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, but Bentley and his team are coming back in full force.

Any past attendees are familiar with the popular ’90s night on Friday, which Bentley says is his favorite night. This throwback-themed night which includes some of the biggest names in the industry, is making a comeback this year and the “Beers On Me” singer couldn’t be more excited.

“That’s like the most fun part of the whole night,” he told Music Mayhem and other media outlets. “Everyone dresses the part, they all come out, we all put on jorts and mullets…we got our pit viper sunglasses on and it kicks off the whole night.” 

This nostalgic-themed show will feature Pam Tillis, Hot Country Knights headed by Tracy Lawrence, and The Frontmen which includes the dynamic trio of Richie McDonald of Lonestar, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and Tim Rushlow of Little Texas. 

“He’s one of my first repeat offenders here,” Bentley said in reference to Lawrence. “We had him in 2019 and usually we have a new lineup every year, but he was so much fun, he had such a good time and wanted to come back out again.”

Along with Bentley and these iconic country music artists, the lineup for the rest of the weekend includes co-headliner Morgan Wallen with additional performances by Boy Named Banjo, Ashley Cooke, Jordan Davis, Jackson Dean, Travis Denning, HARDY,  Kendell Marvel, Ashley McBryde, Caitlyn Smith, Rapidgrass, Alana Springsteen, and Lainey Wilson. 

“Morgan is one of the biggest stars in country music right now, drawing in the most folks ever out there and I love his music…it just has a very country feel to it, instrumentation is beautiful and of course great songwriting.”

“It only works if you have a guy or girl coming in the night opposite of me, Friday Night, that can carry the weight and Morgan more than carries the weight,” Bentley added. “I mean people are super excited that he’s headlining the show, I’m super appreciative that he was able to do it and HARDY too.”

Bentley compared the ability of HARDY and Wallen to command a stage to Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean in 2010 when they shared the stage of arenas for multiple nights in a row drawing in a pack crowd every time. The “He Went to Jared” singers have seen similar success in their career recently.

“To have the guys both there on our Saturday night is a huge blessing to us at the festival,” he expressed.

In the past, fans have traveled from near and far to experience this festival because of its unique destination. Bentley has worked so hard to make sure the Colorado festival truly captures the essence of Colorado. It will take place just down the road from where it was held last, but he is working hard to ensure the experience will be just as good if not better than before. The great location matches the great lineup, according to Bentley.

In his eyes, the success of this project has never been defined by the revenue it brings in, but rather the fan-experience he creates that he hopes leaves people excited to return the next year. 

“It’s not about the money, it’s about getting to be something people want to come back to…to lose two years back-to-back was hard and I honestly wasn’t sure whether we’d get our shot to do the festival between that and having to change locations.”

Luckily, he and his team were able to put all the pieces together to make it happen. Bentley revealed this is one of his favorite things he’s done and hopes it “carries on long after I’m gone.” The work doesn’t stop even at the festival, because he still holds himself accountable for checking in on the artists and making sure the guests are having a good time. Of course, Bentley makes sure to find to relax and enjoy the festival with his family and friends, embracing the chance to connect with nature through camping, fishing, biking, and more. 

“I get to curate the whole show even down to where I set up my little tent backstage, right next to this little river. I wake up in the morning, do a little cold plunge…and I love being in Colorado, but being there with my family is even better. You combine work and family and location into one thing it’s like, you usually have to trade off…this is all one spot, so there’s no guilt, it feels amazing.”

Once again, he’s looking forward to making new memories and seeing what the future holds for Seven Peaks. For any fans planning to attend, make sure not to forget your jean shorts, your pit viper glasses and your adventurous spirit as you “prepare to have a pretty good time,” according to Bentley.

In between the festival planning, Bentley is also working on his next album. The release date has yet to be announced, but he teased that he definitely has some new music up his sleeves. 

“I’m really excited,” he gushed. 

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