Walker Hayes, Ed Sheeran; Photos By Andrew Wendowski; Walker Hayes & Daughter Lela, Photo Courtesy of TikTok
Walker Hayes, Ed Sheeran; Photos By Andrew Wendowski; Walker Hayes & Daughter Lela, Photo Courtesy of TikTok

Did Walker Hayes & His Daughter Lela Just Create A Viral TikTok Dance Craze For Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers”?

Walker Hayes and his daughter Lela have done it again with their infectious choreography, but instead of dancing to one of his own songs, he has branched out to another artist’s tune, who is outside of the country genre. Could he be hinting at a collaboration with fellow 2022 Billboard Music Awards nominee, Ed Sheeran?

Last week, Hayes posted a video with his oldest daughter Lela sharing their new original dance to Ed Sheeran’s No. 1 single, “Shivers.” So far, they have taken their new moves from their home to Starbucks and even a gas station. 

“We thought this new dude @Ed Sheeran could use some spins 😂😂💪” Hayes joked in the clip’s caption. “@teddysphotos needed a dance💪😂”


we thought this new dude @Ed Sheeran could use some spins😂😂💪

♬ Shivers – Ed Sheeran

In a previous interview with Music Mayhem, the “Fancy Like” singer explained that they first started doing these TikTok dances for fun and the enormous success was just a happy accident. 

“We were just doing what we’ve always done, that’s just how we have fun together, that’s how a dad can have fun with his 16-year-old daughter,” Hayes added at the time.

So far, the father/daughter pairing have created fun, upbeat dances to several of his singles, including “Fancy Like,” “AA,” “U Girl,” and “DeLorean.” Now, Sheeran’s “Shivers” has also been thrown into the mix and fans just can’t get enough. 

Viewers flooded the comments of their most recent dance craze, sharing their love for the new dance and requesting a collaboration between Hayes and Sheeran. They have also tagged the “Bad Habits” singer numerous times in an attempt to catch his attention, but so far he has yet to respond to the videos and a collaboration has not been confirmed by either artist.


Again @edsheeran 😂😂😂😂 @Starbucks

♬ Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Hayes shared that he’s “grateful” for the time he gets to spend with his daughter and the rest of his family members when making these viral videos. 

“It’s just super fun to think this memory is documented in such a large way. I don’t even know how to describe it. I imagine I’ll be 70 years old one day and she’ll be in her 30s or something and I’ll be like, ‘You remember that?’ And we’ll have it. She’ll probably show her kids one day like, ‘Look at what me and your granddad did one day.’ It’s insane to think of that. And people, look, I don’t want to equate it to the Macarena but I’m like, ‘What if people still know the dance 20 years from now?’ That’s crazy.”

Something else that has brought them an immense sense of “gratitude” is seeing other dads go out of their comfort zones and dancing it out with their own kids. 

“That’s the beautiful thing to me just about life and especially just our business is like you want to make an impact and you want to make an impact in a positive way. And sometimes you’re tempted to go directions just because it appeals to people,” he explained. “But every now and then there’s just a light that shines through. And man, honestly we sit around and get a little teary-eyed watching dads I don’t even know do this dance with their daughter and watching families do it together and just watching people who are, I don’t know, just stepping out of their shell a little bit and comfort zone and doing this dance, just try in this dance and watching the joy on their face. That is so gratifying to just be like, ‘Yeah, I was just having fun one day with my daughter and this is what came out of it.’ That’s just crazy.”


#fancylike ooooooooo💪

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

At the end of the month, Hayes will wrap up his time on the road as headliner on The Fancy Like Tour. Throughout the tour, Hayes performed in front of several sold-out audiences and even got to bring his dance moves to the stage with his kids beside him. 

Additionally, on Thursday (April 21), Hayes teased fans in a video that he is going to be headed out on an arena tour later this year. 

“I just can’t get the fam as hype as I am hahahaha,” Hayes captioned the clip, which finds the viral hitmaker running around his Tennessee home saying, “Y’all ready to work it out, we gotta work on our moves for the arena tour.”

While he didn’t share any tour dates or details, it’s evident that the “Fancy Like” singer will be embarking on an arena tour later this year and he’s bringing his family along for the ride (and a nightly dance party on stage).

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