Chris Janson Debuts Rock-Tinged Collaboration “21 Forever” Featuring Dolly Parton and Slash

“21 Forever” will appear on Chris Janson’s new album, The Outlaw Side Of Me.


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Posted on May 5, 2023

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Dolly Parton, Chris Janson, Slash; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Chris Janson is treating fans to what can be described as his biggest collaboration yet.

Titled “21 Forever,” the country artist has arrived with a new duet featuring two of music’s biggest icons – legendary country artist Dolly Parton and Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash. 

Listen To Chris Janson’s New Collaboration With Dolly Parton And Slash Below

Written with frequent collaborators Tommy Cecil and Tom Douglas the contemplative “21 Forever” opens up with a dreamy set of strings and synths before Janson segues into sharing a message that growing up and maturing into adulthood is an inevitable process of life.

“There’s a time for young and dumb / For lovers, lines and songs / You go to bed in the morning / After you stumble in at dawn / Had to get my act together / Learn to appreciate stormy weather / You can’t be 21 forever,” Janson sings throughout the chorus of the nearly six-minute nostalgic track. 

YouTube video

Of Parton’s role in the song, her signature storytelling vocals come to light on the second verse as she sings about facing difficulties head-on because “jacks” and “cards aren’t always aces.”  

“You can’t be 21 forever,” the “9 To 5” star, who has been working on her own first-ever rock album, Rock Star, sings, reiterating the hook of the song, which dropped on Friday (May 5). 

Dolly Parton; Courtesy of Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas/NBC
Dolly Parton; Courtesy of Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas/NBC

Meanwhile, Slash’s participation comes in after the bridge as he lays down an impressive instrumental on his famous guitar. He returns after the 3:30 mark to flaunt his guitar-shredding skills one more time before the thought-provoking, rock/country ballad comes to an operatic and masterful close.   

“I’m so thrilled to announce that two global icons have joined me for my absolute biggest collaboration to date,” Janson shares in a press release. “Dolly and Slash– it doesn’t get any bigger than that! I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for these two. I hope you all enjoy ’21 Forever.’”

“21 Forever” is the follow-up to Janson’s previous release, “All I Need Is You.” Before that, he earned four RIAA Platinum certifications for singles “Buy Me A Boat,” “Good Vibes,” “Drunk Girl,” and “Fix A Drink.”

YouTube video

New Album, The Outlaw Side of Me

Both “21 Forever” and  “All I Need Is You” will be featured on the singer/songwriter and Grand Ole Opry member’s forthcoming album, The Outlaw Side of Me, due out June 16. The upcoming project, produced by Oscar-nominated and GRAMMY-winning producer Julian Raymond, will be Janson’s first offering since signing on with Big Machine Label Group (BMLG) after parting ways with Warner Music Nashville last September.

“From the minute I started this album ’til the minute we finished, I enjoyed every second,” Janson explains. “This record encompasses all sides of me: the lover, the party guy, the conservationist, the family man… I love these songs, and I had such a good time making the music. The Outlaw Side of Me is my favorite album to date.”

Check out the track listing for The Outlaw Side of Me below, and be sure to take a listen to “21 Forever” in the clip above.

Chris Janson 'The Outlaw Side Of Me' Album Art
Chris Janson ‘The Outlaw Side Of Me’ Album Art

The Outlaw Side of Me Track List

1. “Rowdy Gentle Man” | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil

2. “Honkytonk Minute” | Chris Janson, Matt Rogers, Ben Stennis

3. “Outlaw Side of Me” | Chris Janson, Chris DeStefano, Lee Miller

4. “All I Need Is You” | Chris Janson, Brad Clawson, Ashley Gorley, Mitch Oglesby

5. “Hank The Hell Out of The Honkytonk” (featuring Brantley Gilbert) | Chris Janson, Brinley Addington, Tommy Cecil, Mitch Oglesby

6. “Dirt In My Life” | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil, Dallas Davidson

7. “Tap That” | Chris Janson, Preston Brust, Brandon Kinney, Chris Lucas

8. “Good Folks Goin’ To Work” | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil, Tom Douglas

9. “GOAT” | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil

10. “Get It Right” | Chris Janson, Brandon Kinney, Brad Warren, Brett Warren

11. “Every Day of the Week” (featuring Darius Rucker) | Chris Janson, Bob DiPiero, David Lee Murphy

12. “21 Forever” (featuring Dolly Parton and Slash) | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil, Tom Douglas

13. “Days in the Field” | Chris Janson14. “21 Forever” (Original Version featuring Slash) | Chris Janson, Tommy Cecil, Tom Douglas

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