Chayce Beckham Honors His Late Friend Lance With New Single, “Till The Day I Die”

“It’s a super meaningful song to me, and I think it can connect with a lot of people,” Chayce Beckham said of the new song, “Till The Day I Die.”


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Posted on April 29, 2023

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Chayce Beckham; Photo Provided

Chayce Beckham is treating fans to new music. The country music singer/songwriter is out with his new single, “Till The Day I Die,” which dropped on Friday (April 28). 

Written with Andy Albert, Jordan Minton, and Mark Trussel, “Till The Day I Die” is an ultra-personal song for Beckham, who lost his buddy Lance to an accident last year. Serving as a tribute to his late friend Lance, the track finds Beckham offering his signature vocals over a relaxing country melody and singing about keeping up his outlaw cowboy ways until the sun sets one last time.

Because if whiskey’s only on this side of Heaven / And they don’t play outlaw songs up in the sky / I’m gon’ raise a glass to this cowboy life I’m livin’ / And I’m gon’ keep on raisin’ hell ’til the day I die,” Beckham sings throughout the chorus of the song.

Listen To Chayce Beckham’s “Till The Day I Die” Below

YouTube video

Beckham recently opened up about how “Till The Day I Die” came about in a video post on Instagram.

“Initially, when we wrote the song, it was just a song about hanging onto that little bit of rebel inside of it. I love the song, and felt like it represented a lot of, maybe the black sheep of families and stuff like that or just people who maybe felt like outcasts.”

His Friend Lance Passed Away In A Tragic Accident In Texas

The American Idol 2021 winner went on to say that he sat with the tune for a week, and then the unthinkable happened. 

“I got a call from one of my friend’s sisters saying that one of my buddies passed away in an accident in Texas,” he shares. “It was hard. I think, for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t touring. Then we went back out on the road, and I sang the song. It was an emotional time, and every time I played the song more and more, I felt like my buddy was, his energy was there with us. And that was just a really cool feeling. I’m riding in the truck, and then you feel like he’s sitting right next to you.”

Playing the song at his shows eventually turned into something more. Beckham says the song ultimately became a dedication to Lance. 

“It’s kind of become this anthemic thing at our shows where the whole crowd sings along to it, and you don’t really have to ask ’em to,” Beckham said, adding that the tune has become one of his more intimate tracks, to date. “It’s a super meaningful song to me, and I think it can connect with a lot of people. So I’m just hoping that whoever needs that song can listen to it, and hopefully, it will get them through a hard time like it did for me.”

Chayce Beckham "Till The Day I Die" Single Art
Chayce Beckham “Till The Day I Die” Single Art

“It’s a cool full-circle moment to go from listening to other people’s music to healing myself and then watching your own music do it for you,” he continued. “So it’s a song I’m very happy to have done.”

The Tune Follows His Latest Single “23”

“Till The Day I Die” follows Beckham’s single, “23,” which he released in 2021. The latter of the two is also a reflective song that finds Beckham looking inward and realizing his guilty pleasures may need to be a thing of the past.

Now I’m 23 and there ain’t nobody who can drink like me / Soon I’ll be 24 and the Lord knows that I can’t drink no more / I know I shoulda taken it slow / It’s not the way that my life goes / Lord, I know,” Beckham sings throughout the chorus of the track. 

YouTube video

When asked if it’s difficult to showcase his vulnerability with fans when playing his songs live, Beckham tells the Rob + Holly Show, “I don’t know. With songs like ‘23,’ I think you kind of get used to doing that. Talking about stuff that maybe might make you feel uncomfortable. I’ve sung that song so many times, and it’s about a really bad part of my life that I remember. But I sing it all the time, and I don’t know, sometimes it gets a little emotional, but I think that that’s what makes music so special.”

Additionally, Chayce Beckham has a handful of shows scheduled throughout the year. On May 13, he will head to Morehead City, North Carolina. For a complete listing of tour dates, visit Beckham’s official website here. 

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