Attila Frontman Fronzilla Says He Hopes He Can Help Make Warped Tour “Bigger Than It’s Ever Been” When It Returns

Attila frontman Christopher Fronzak a.k.a. Fronzilla has previously said that he wanted to resurrect Vans Warped Tour and in a recent interview he revealed that there are several reasons as to why the tour stopped in 2018 with select dates for the 25th Anniversary in 2019.

In an interview with No Jumper, Fronzak said that he “wanted to be the person to bring Warped Tour back.”

He also revealed that he recently met up with Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman to chat about the possibilities of him relaunching Warped Tour. He said that the cost was “a little beyond what I had at the moment,” when discussing monetary agreements with Lyman about relaunching the tour.

Lyman also elaborated that there are several legalities preventing the tour from returning for at least three years.

“Kevin Lyman explained to me that for legal reasons, which I can’t go into depth, Warped Tour can’t come back for at least another three years or so,” said Fronzak.

Although he is bummed that he couldn’t reignite the legendary tour, Fronzak has high hopes that he is able to be apart of its return whenever that may be saying that he knows how to make it more sustainable and bigger than ever.

“Hopefully I’m the one that brings it back because I have a really good idea for how to make it sustainable and make it bigger than it’s ever been,” Fronzak explained.

He continued to explain: “Me and the founder Kevin Lyman are actually good friends. A lot of people don’t know that but the reason is because for the four years we did Warped Tour, I was hustling my clothing company, Stay Sick, on Warped as well so I was awake bright and early every morning and no band dudes wake up in the morning, all band dudes wake up sometime in the afternoon but I the first person in a band to be awake every morning and Kevin saw that and respected me for wanting to work hard and push my brand.”

Fronzak then said that he will never forget the moment in 2017 or 2018 on Warped Tour when Lyman pulled him aside and was like “Fronz do you want to buy Warped Tour, like do you want to take over, I’m done. He threw out a number and the number was little beyond what I had at the moment but just the thought of that really never left me because I wanted to do it. I retouched conversation with him shortly after, just to be like ‘Hey, I’m serious, I want to do this because Warped Tour was important for me growing up and I know it’s important for our current generation and in future generations and I’m very much a businessman so I want to be the one who takes on Warped Tour.'”

Watch the full interview below.

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