Alex Miller - "I'm Over You So Get Over Me"

Alex Miller Keeps Traditional Country Music Alive With Debut Single “I’m Over You So Get Over Me”

Alex Miller shared the official recording of the song that earned him a golden ticket to Hollywood and praise from American Idol judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie during his Idol audition.

On Friday, April 2, just about a week after Miller was eliminated from Idol, the country singer shared his debut single, “I’m Over You So Get Over Me.” A track that Miller penned to an ex-girlfriend that finds him putting his unique pure traditional country vocals on full display. Produced by Jeff Lyman and backed by a twangy instrumental, the song is one that is reminiscent of a song that you’d hear performed at the iconic Grand Ole Opry.

“‘I’m over You so Get over Me’ is a song that’s been years in the making,” Miller shared in a statement. “I first sang this song at a Middle School talent show and most recently performed it at my American Idol audition. I hope you enjoy it more than the ex it was written about!”

Listen to “I’m Over You So Get Over Me” below.

Following his departure from American Idol, Miller was invited by Luke Bryan to perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage. A promise that Bryan made to Miller after his Idol audition. Bryan surprised Miller via a video call to share the exciting news.

“Do you remember a certain promise that I made you during your audition process?” Bryan asked Miller, which he said “oh, I haven’t forgotten that.”

“Well, I made some calls to my good friends at the Grand Ole Opry and they agreed to let my buddy Alex Miller come perform at the Grand Ole Opry,” Bryan revealed to Miller, who was overcome with emotion.

“Oh my God,” Miller said in a state of shock. “Oh my God!”

“And maybe I’ll share the stage with you a little bit if you’ll have me,” Bryan promised.

After revealing that he once toured the Opry as a child, Miller said it would be a “full circle” moment for him. Stay tuned for the official date of Miller’s Opry debut.

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