Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins; Photo Courtesy Of Instagram
Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins; Photo Courtesy Of Instagram

After Nearly Nine Years, Thomas Rhett Proves He’s Still “Madly In Love” With Wife Lauren Akins In New Song

Thomas Rhett’s unreleased new song proves that he’s “Madly In Love” with his wife.

During a recent concert, the country superstar and soon-to-be dad of four performed an unreleased new song that tributes his wife, Lauren Akins. The heartfelt tune, which was written only a few weeks ago, finds Rhett swooning over his wife, who was watching the show from somewhere in the Tinley Park, IL venue.

Rhett made sure to note, his lovely partner only attends the few shows that take place in her favorite cities. Chicago just so happens to be one of them.

“I still remember it, like it was yesterday / holes in your high-waisted jeans / Blonde hair was in…,” the singer sings. “Yeah we were sitting on that toolbox of my Chevy / I would’ve told you that I loved you if my love’s forever.”

The couple’s love story goes back to their childhood, when she was still known by her maiden name, Lauren Gregory. They had their ups and downs and even dated other people as they grew up, but one day Lauren’s father gave Rhett the push he needed to confess his true feelings for her. While sitting on the front porch, the two shared their love for one another under the stars and decided to give their relationship a real shot. By the age of 22, they were engaged.

“That kiss was only the beginning / and to this day when you walk in the room / my heart still doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do / and in my mind girl I’m still 22 in the Tennessee field, fireflies brighter than the moon / It’s been a minute together since we said forever / and it’s never been more true / I’m just so madly in love with you,” Rhett sang holding his teal guitar.

From what we’ve heard from this song so far, Rhett dives into their young love and spares no details regarding what went through his mind as they reached new chapters in life together and how she has impacted his life.

“You had a glow about you / truly original / you’ve joked about our future and I took it literal / I bottled up some courage and went and bought a ring / and that next October you were walking down the aisle to me.”

“Barefoot dance / teenage chance / turned this boy into a hopeless romantic,” Rhett continued in the heartfelt song.

Listen to the unreleased new song above.

Although Lauren had to give up her career as a nurse, she found new ways to use her skills, while also being a new mom. As she notes in her book, “Live In Love,” it was difficult to get left behind when her husband was away on the road so much, but their strong love has given them the ability to make it work.

Rhett is no stranger to writing romantic tracks about his wife of nearly 9-years. In fact, the country hitmaker has shared several songs inspired by his wife, including “Die A Happy Man,” “Star Of The Show,” “Vacation” and “Life Changes,” among many others.

The unreleased song teaser came on Sept. 25, just three weeks before their upcoming ninth wedding anniversary, which is on Oct. 14. Following the show at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Rhett and his wife were seen decked out in Cubs regalia, when he threw out the first pitch to kick off the game.

Additionally, the couple will soon welcome their fourth child, joining sisters Willa Gray, 5, Ada James, 4, and Lennon Love, 19 months.

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