8 Things We Learned About Luke Combs From His Interview On ‘Straight Up Steve Austin’

Luke Combs appeared in Episode 1 of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Season 2 USA Network TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin. We’ve compiled a list of eight things that we learned about Luke Combs during the episode, which you can…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on January 13, 2021

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Luke Combs And Steve Austin; Photo Courtesy Of YouTube And @ZackMassey

Luke Combs appeared in Episode 1 of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Season 2 USA Network TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin. We’ve compiled a list of eight things that we learned about Luke Combs during the episode, which you can see below.


Drinks Beer Before, During And After His Live Concerts Each Night

“I’m a before, during and after guy for sure,” Combs said. “I shotgun a beer every night during the show, one beer, but I can’t do beer [during the show] it makes me burp too much, so I do stage drink. So, that’s heavy Jack pour, then diet no ice because little known secret of the trade is that ice cools your vocal chords down, so you have a higher chance of damaging your vocals chord drinking ice cold anything.”

Played Nicole “Beautiful Crazy” A Week After He Wrote It Before They Even Started Dating

“I had just met Nicole, and so you know I was like super infatuated with her and it was just the perfect time and the perfect idea that came together, the first line, ‘her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine,’ I still make her a coffee everyday in the morning and take it to her and stuff and she always has a glass of wine at night,” Combs explained.

Combs added, “I know that’s not some Earth shattering idea but I think sometimes the simple things like that, so many people can related to cause there’s so many people doing those things. I played it for her maybe a week after I wrote it, we weren’t even dating yet. So, that was a risky move. She loved the song, it’s kind of like our story, it’s the song that started off our lives together in a lot of ways.”

He’s Never Been On An Airplane Till He Was 25

“I’ve never been on an airplane till I was 25, and i’m 30 and like i’ve gone from North Carolina to Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina to  i’ve played every state, i’ve played internationally multiple times.” Combs explained to Austin. “I’ve played on Saturday Night Live and just all these things that I never thought I would’ve done and I miss those things being new.”

Received Words Of Wisdom From Willie Nelson

He saids that Nelson always said to “keep doing what you’re doing,” and Combs knew that meant “don’t let anybody try to make you any different then you are.”

Combs even added that he’s “gotten to hang out with Willie Nelson.”

Hearing An Eric Church CD Is What Sparked The Fire For Him To Pursue Country Music

Luke Combs Tells Steve Austin How An Eric Church CD Influenced His Country Music Career: “That’s Where The Fire Caught Spark”

He Says Some Of His Strongest Music Has Yet To Come Out

“I feel like some of my strongest stuff is yet to come out.”

His Grand Ole Opry Invitation Was “Very Emotional”

“That was very very emotional, Grand Ole Opry always used to be here at The Ryman, and now for the whole year the Opry isn’t always here anymore like it used to be. But when I was at the Opry House, it just felt like a normal night, it was me, my wife, my fiance at the time and my manager Kappy, just the three of us. And ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ just came out and it was going to be the first time playing it on the Opry and here comes Craig Morgan and John Conley and Chris Janson and I was like what is going here and John comes out with the mic and he says ‘Luke we figured we’d help you sing your new song’ and I was like awesome, this is awesome and I was about to roll into and they asked me if I wanted to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. And I remember the first thought that went through my head and that was man I wish my parents were here, that was my first thought and then the second after I had that thought It was like holy shit they asked me, I was just completely overcome. I get a little choky just talking about, like that’s something no one can ever take away from me. Like I came here I busted my ass and I earned that and I’m so proud of that.”

He Learned To Play Guitar 10 Years Ago At Age 21

“I was 21 years old and so my previous two summers in college all my buddies came home, we all hung out worked our jobs, got drunk and stuff. Well that third summer come around and none of my buddies came home that summer, they all stayed in their college towns. I was sitting at home moping one day and my mom said ‘what’s wrong’ and I said I just don’t have any friends here and my mom said ‘well you know Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw they didn’t learn guitar till they were 21’ and I was like oh man I’m 21, like so you’re saying there’s a chance, you know what I mean. I went and grabbed that old guitar out of my closet that my parents had gotten me in seventh grade and it hadn’t been played since seventh grade. So, I taught myself all year on that guitar. And I wound up at a buddies house when I got back to college that I played rugby with and he had this Yamaha guitar sitting in the corner that had no strings on it and he said why don’t you take it home with you and put some strings on it and play it and everything and that guitar is in the Country Music Hall Of Fame right now.”

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