Zach Bryan Sells Out Entire Headlining Arena Tour, Adds More Dates “Due To Overwhelming Demand”

“Who knew you could sell tickets at a reasonable price, to real fans, in a fair way,” Bryan shared.


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Posted on February 15, 2023

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Zach Bryan; Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Country singer Zach Bryan shared a tour update with his fans Wednesday (Feb. 15).

The 26-year-old “Something in the Orange” singer announced that his headlining Burn, Burn, Burn Tour, which kicks off May 10 in Charlottesville, Virginia, sold out in just thirty seconds. Bryan posted the update to his Instagram account, thanking his fans for the high ticket demand as well as their patience throughout the actual ticket-selling process.

“Who knew you could sell tickets at a reasonable price, to real fans, in a fair way,” Bryan began his statement. “With no arrogance attached and a lot of people pissed at me, we did it,” he added.

Bryan then continued to say he would be adding more shows to the tour due to his fans’ “overwhelming demand.”

“Due to overwhelming demand, I’m going to add a few shows to the Burn, Burn, Burn Tour. If you registered for Philly, Tulsa, New York City or Duluth, we will be sending out emails for the additional shows today so be on the lookout.”

“I wish I could meet the demand but the boys & I only have so much to give.”

Zach Bryan; Photo by Keeyahtay Lewis
Zach Bryan; Photo by Keeyahtay Lewis

Bryan closed out his statement by reiterating his gratitude to his fans and highlighting the fairness behind his ticketing model.

“Thank you all so much for your patience during this process, no one has ever done this before at this scale and that’s something I’m extremely proud of. Not one ticket was sold for more than $156, at their absolute highest, including taxes and fees.”

“There will continue to be no tickets for sale on scalping sites. Fair ticketing for all, for an almost sold-out tour,” he said.

In the caption of his post, Bryan admitted he cared more about ensuring tickets got into the hands of his actual fans than selling out his tour in thirty seconds.

“I didn’t care about selling out the tour in thirty seconds, I cared about people getting reasonably priced tickets,” Bryan wrote. “We sold all the tickets in 3 waves to actual fans,
we hired teams to limit bots, and we sacrificed a lot of personal things to give real people, real seats. Thank you guys so, so much.”

YouTube video

Bryan announced his upcoming Burn, Burn, Burn Tour at the end of last month. The singer shared he would be using the ticketing platform AXS to ensure fair pricing for fans with a little help from comedian, Theo Von.

“What’s up, you little orange-loving, happy and sad at the same time Zach Bryan, cult-worshipping good people of America? It’s your boy himself, the Lord’s oyster,” Von said as the social media clip inspired by The Office began.

“I’m here to tell you exactly how this sh-t’s gonna go down,” Von continued. “Tickets will start at $40 and won’t be higher than $130. Service fees will be as low as $10 and no higher than $20 per ticket, plus credit card fees and state taxes, that Zach and his sound homies have no control over.”

“There will be absolutely no bullshit at all, no hidden fees or ninja pricing,” he added, before directing fans to the AXS website to register for tickets. “These registrations will be scrubbed to remove scalpers, bots, and low road lizards,” he indicated.

In the video, Von noted that fans, with the exception of those attending the Red Rocks stop of the tour, were limited to four tickets, which were non-transferable. Fans would then be selected to purchase their tickets beginning on Feb. 13. Von also made it clear these stipulations would not apply to any festival or rodeo dates, which would be announced later, and are out of Bryan’s control.

Bryan also shared his thoughts on using AXS for his tour telling fans he was fighting back against the “human snakes at ticketing companies.”

“We’re out here fighting the good fight with these human snakes at ticketing companies and dark art bots on the internet. Good luck, and here’s to fair pricing for all. Touch nut homies, and God Speed,” Bryan wrote in a statement he posted to his now-deleted Twitter account.

Bryan has not been shy about his dislike for large ticketing companies like Ticketmaster in the past.

Prior to deleting his Twitter account, Bryan had previously re-posted a tweet from the organization, A More Perfect Union, who called out the ticketing giant and accused them of “destroying live music.”

“Ticketmaster is destroying live music. Its scam fees now cost as much as 78% of a ticket,” the organization tweeted. “It controls the events, the venues, even the artists. The Justice Department needs to take on Ticketmaster’s monopoly.”

“SUITS RUINING LIVE MUSIC,” Bryan commented, which earned him praise from his fans on the social media platform.

YouTube video

Bryan even released a live 24-track album from his Nov. 3 performance at Red Rocks called, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, according to The Tennessean.

More recently, Bryan released his latest track, “Dawns” with indie-pop singer-songwriter, Maggie Rogers.

He’s also been teasing music he’s working on via Instagram.

Bryan will kick off his Burn, Burn, Burn Tour at the John Paul Jones Arena on May 10 in Charlottesville, Virginia. The tour will feature stops in Philly, Cleveland, Glendale, Las Vegas, and others, before wrapping on Aug. 30 at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fans can view a complete list of dates for Bryan’s Burn, Burn, Burn Tour HERE.

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