Watch Viral TikTok Gas Station Singer Bear Bailey Make His TV Debut On ‘The Nick Cannon Show’ 

TikTok sensation, Bear Bailey recently made his TV debut on The Nick Cannon Show (Oct. 14). During the short but sweet segment – the breakthrough artist delivered the chorus of his unreleased track “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and shared…


Tiffany Goldstein


Posted on October 15, 2021

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Bear Bailey; Photo Courtesy The Nick Cannon Show

TikTok sensation, Bear Bailey recently made his TV debut on The Nick Cannon Show (Oct. 14). During the short but sweet segment – the breakthrough artist delivered the chorus of his unreleased track “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and shared how the social media platform has changed his life.

The 33-year-old took his very first trip to Harlem, New York, to sit down with Nick Cannon to discuss his rapid rise to stardom. “Did you ever think that singing in a gas station was going to launch your music career?” asked the talk show host to kick-start the interview. Bailey looked at Cannon and immediately pointed his finger to the sky and said, “God has been good to me. I had no clue.”

The award-winning actor and director continued to praise Bailey for his unmatchable pipes and wanted to learn more about his musical journey. “I’m a fan of your gift,” says Cannon before the musician began to discuss his pinch-me moment when his gas station cover went viral.

Bailey revealed that he has been singing in the Super Serve Gas Station near Houma, Louisiana, for years – but it wasn’t until recently when he had the idea to pick up his phone and film. “The ladies that work there have always asked me to sing, and this time, I said, ‘Let’s film it and see what happens.’”

Once the world was introduced to his country twang, the video took off and went viral within a short amount of time. “Man, I posted it, and I went home. My phone was fully charged. I took it off the charger and went to bed. I woke up the next morning…and I couldn’t turn my phone on. It went dead from all the notifications,” shared the singer about the moment he found out his gas station clip went viral. “So, I jumped a half a million followers in eight hours. It went super quick.”

While his TikTok success might have happened overnight, his musical journey has been a long time coming. Right before his big break, he was on the verge of giving up on his dream of becoming a country musician.

In fact, the night before – the welder turned music sensation was packing his bags to head to Alaska to work on a project. He shared with Cannon that he was down in the dumps because he did not want to leave his wife and little girl. “I just told the lord like ‘I’m 33 and a big ole country boy from nowhere…this is never going to happen. I just got to quit,” speaking about his music career. He continued to share that his wife offered to pick up a second job in order for him to channel all his energy into his craft.

Becoming an artist has become a dream not just for Bailey, but for his entire family. After getting turned away from America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and Ken Jeong’s show ­– the dream-chaser was ready to put down the microphone and just continue singing in God’s house.

“Every time I get to the top of the mountain, I either lose grip, or something happens,” Bailey confessed about his internal emotions and how the constant rejection has led him to feel discouraged. “But, this just shows you man…just chase them because it can happen,” he told Cannon.

Thanks to the power of social media – his wife did not have to take on another job, and he had the opportunity to pursue music full-time. “After this happened, God has been good, and I have been traveling, singing, and writing. Getting in studios and doing different things like that.”

While writing and recording in Nashville, he shared that he received several messages from family and friends about a concert clip from Keith Urban. His gas station cover of “Til Summer Comes Around” got in the hands of the hitmaker and appeared at his show in Vegas. “My friend shoots me a text, and he’s like ‘dude, you got to see what Keith Urban just did.’ My wife started blowing me up, and then my mom and dad. So, I hopped over there, and he not only shouted me out, but he put the whole video of me singing “Til Summer Goes Around’ to open his show in Vegas.”

@bearbailey1Y’all… @Keith Urban shared my version of Till Summer Comes Around at one of his concerts!! ##fyp ##foryou still don’t believe it!!

♬ original sound – Bear Bailey

After filling Cannon and the live audience in on his current music ventures, he topped off the segment with a small teaser of his upcoming single about his wife, “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Music-goers can listen to the rising star on TikTok.

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