Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

WATCH: Morgan Wallen Sings “Don’t Think Jesus,” A Relatable New Song That Brought Him To Tears Upon First Listen

Morgan Wallen is sharing more new music with fans, this time with a song he didn’t write.

The East Tennessee native shared a clip on Friday (Oct. 8) performing a song called “Don’t Think Jesus,” which was written by a few of Wallen’s songwriter friends with him in mind. The track, written by Chase McGill, Jessi Alexander and Mark Holman, brought the country superstar to tears when he first heard it in his truck.

“Some of my friends sent me a song today, I was on the way back home from playing a little golf,” Wallen said in the just-released clip. “They wrote this song with me in on their mind and made me cry in the truck. So, I figured I’d test it out on y’all and see if y’all have a similar reaction. I just learned it a few minutes ago. So hopefully I get it right.”

After introducing the song with a brief summary of how the song brought him to tears on the way home from a golf outing, Wallen, wearing a black shirt and a camouflage hat, strummed his acoustic guitar while singing the emotion-filled new song.

The emotion-filled song tells the story of a boy chasing whiskey and women while living life in the fast lane until he couldn’t anymore.

The just over 3-minute long clip finds Wallen singing: “A boy gets a guitar and starts writing songs / about whiskey and women and getting too stoned / he got all three at the first show he played / hometown says I don’t think Jesus done it that way / Boy moves to city lives fast and goes hard / starts chasing the devil through honky-tonk bars / ignoring the voices in his head that say / I don’t think Jesus done it this way / If I was him I’d say to hell with you / ain’t no helping you / find someone else to give Heaven to I’m telling you / I’d shame me, I blame me / I’d make me pay for my mistakes / oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way / boys all alone got no one to turn to / it figures he’ll pray cause what else could he do / he said I wish you would’ve woke me up an easier way / but I don’t think Jesus does it that way / if I was him I’d say to hell with you / ain’t no helping you / find someone else to give Heaven to I’m telling you / I’d shame me, I blame me / I’d make me pay for my mistakes / oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way…”

As the song came to a close, you could hear the raw emotion and pain within Wallen’s voice as he sang, “The world likes to rear back and throw a few stones / so boy wants to throw a few stones of his own / Lord knows I ain’t perfect, and it ain’t my place / Oh, and I don’t think Jesus done it that way / are y’all sure that Jesus done it that way?”

The song and Wallen’s vocal abilities were praised in the post’s comments by Carly Pearce, Jon Langston, Brent Cobb, Danielle Bradbery, Levi Hummon, Restless Road and more.

“So freaking good. Your voice is so insane,” Pearce said, while Langston added, “Gaht dang country music baby. Love this one brother.”

Bradbery gushed, “this is incredible.”

The song comes just a week after Wallen teased fans with an unreleased song inspired by his time on Broadway in Nashville, which fans dubbed “Broadway Girls.” 

The snippet, shared on October 1, details a night in Downtown Nashville with a girl he met at “Aldean’s,” a SoBro bar owned by fellow country star Jason Aldean. Sonically, the track is a bit different from what fans are used to hearing from Wallen and even had some Instagram users comparing the song to Post Malone. And while some fans didn’t love what they heard at first, they have grown to adore the unreleased track.

“IDK what this is or what it’s for but sounds bout right,” Wallen captioned his post with the work tape of the hip-hop inspired track.

The nearly minute-long clip features the lyrics: “I met her down at Aldean’s / she said she that saw me walking in about a mile away / bouncers had to take her phone and that just took her smile away / she said I’m too drunk and crazy she don’t like the way I dance / I said you don’t have to join in / she said she’d take a chance / I’ve been kind of crazy since it went down / I get kind lost and this is what I found / girls like you just want to take me around, around and around / there’s two things that you’re going to find out / they don’t love you, and they only love you right now / if I was smarter I would’ve stayed my ass at home and leave them Broadway girls alone / Broadway girls alone / Broadway girls alone…”

The country hitmaker is gearing up for a string of sold-out headlining shows later this month in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

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