Kelly Clarkson, Kinsley Rose; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Kelly Clarkson, Kinsley Rose; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Kelly Clarkson Gushes Over Incomparable Kinsey Rose On ‘The Voice’: “You’re The Kind Of Country Singer That I Love”

After earning a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson during the Blind Auditions, which are officially over, Season 21 The Voice contestants are now facing each other during the Battle Rounds to secure a spot in the finale.

In a teaser, released on Friday (Oct. 8), Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose go head-to-head putting their stunning vocals on full display while harmonizing with each other flawlessly during their impressive cover of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road.”

Throughout the battle, which had their coach Clarkson out of her seat cheering them, the trio and solo artist truly shined.

“It was so good,” Clarkson screamed after their battle performance. “That’s Team Kelly.”

Blake Shelton then gushed over their sound and compared Kinsley’s outfit to something Hank Williams Sr would wear.

“You four need to be singing together all the time,” Shelton said. “Kinsley, in terms of winning the show you’re definitely somebody I would think about if I was Kelly because you have so much character in your voice. And by the way, you look like Hank Williams Sr up there, that’s a Hank Williams Sr outfit. And then Girl Named Tom, together it was incredible but when you stepped out with that top note towards the end, your voice is so freakin’ powerful. You guys are great too. They pay me to pick people, but I don’t care, I’ll take a pay cut. I’m not going to say who, it’s too good.”

Ariana Grande that praised the arrangement and the contestant’s individual talents.

“This was so incredible, Kelly you arranged the hell out of this,” Grande said, before Clarkson chimed in, “they arranged that version.”

“Oh my God, so great, so brilliant, It sounded like you could be a group altogether, all four of you, but also so incredible individually as well,” Grande added. “If I had to lean, I would lean slightly in the direction of Girl Named Tom.”

John Legend raved over the tones of Kinsley’s vocals while also admitting that their battle is something people would pay lots of money to see.

“That was so inspiring and beautiful, this is the kind of thing people pay lots of money to experience,” Legend gushed. “Musically, I feel a little bit more connected with Girl Named Tom, but I would say Kinsey to me sounded like the best soloist. Her tone is just so crisp, and it’s very compelling.”

Girl Named Tom and Kinsey were then praised by their coach, Clarkson.

“I’m so proud to say that you’re on my team. It’s just such a special thing for me,” Clarkson added. “You know, Girl Named Tom, I have heard you in rehearsals. I have heard each of you sing, and you’re incredible. And Kinsey you’re the kind of country singer that I love and no ones like you on this show.”

Watch their Battle Round performance above and tune in on Monday (Oct. 11) to see who Clarkson picks to win the Battle.


The Voice Battle Rounds kick off on Monday, October 11 at 8/7c on NBC.

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