Kid Rock; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Kid Rock; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Kid Rock Proves He “Still Don’t Give A F—” In Defiant New Song “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”

After a four-year hiatus, Kid Rock returns to the music scene with an offensive new track, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.” The hard-rock single arrived on Friday, Nov. 19, along with a music video, which created quite the stir after he called out millennials, the “fake news,” and a series of other sensitive topics.

The 50-year-old musician joined forces with Canadian rock band Monster Truck on a rendition of their 2015 smash hit also called, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live.” To set the tone of the controversial music video, the artist is seen wearing a shirt that reads “Social Media Sucks.”

Throughout the track, the artist vocalizes what rubs him the wrong way, “A nation of pussies is our next generation / And these minions, and their agendas / Every opinion has a millennial offended,” Rock sings in the second verse after complaining that every kid gets a trophy nowadays. “But this Amendment One it rings true / And if you don’t dissent, (expletive), then see Number Two.”

The rapper also did not fail to address the harsh backlash that he has been receiving lately. “My way or the highway, listen up / Ain’t nothing changed here, I still don’t give a f—,” he shares. “So what the f—’s up with all the backlash / you snowflakes, here’s a newsflash.”

He continued to sing – “Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to live,” and he compares himself to legends within the industry such as Bruce Springsteen, David Lee Roth, James Dean, and Brad Pitt.

The hostile song follows his insensitive actions earlier this year when he was caught using a homophobic slur. The rapper was filmed calling fans “f****s” during a June performance at FishLipz Bar & Grill in Tennessee.

When the musician stepped up to address his poor language, he used the hateful word once again. “If Kid Rock using the word ‘f***s’ offends you, good chance you are one. Either way, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends, and I will have a talk with him. Have a nice day,” says the artist using his real name on the official Kid Rock Twitter.

In 2019, the country-rock star also received backlash after going on a rant against Oprah Winfrey at his Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. In footage that surfaced on the internet, Ritchie is heard screaming “F— Oprah Winfrey!” to a crowd of fans. In the video, he also criticized other TV personalities – Kathie Lee Gifford and Joy Behar. Following the incident, he came out of the woodwork to “apologize” for his actions and to support his political party.

“I have a big mouth and drink too much sometimes, shocker! I also work hard and do a ton to help others out, but that’s just back page news because the press hates I love Trump, f— them too. I am what I am, I ain’t what I ain’t!” wrote the republican on Facebook.

The recent single that emphasizes his new motives marks Rock’s first project since “Sweet Southern Sugar” from his 11th studio album, that dropped in 2017. Since then, the singer appeared at the White House and opened up his rowdy bar in music city.

Kid Rock; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kid Rock; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

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