WATCH: Kane Brown’s Wife Katelyn Gives Fans A Tour Of Daughter Kingsley’s “Enchanted Forest” Themed Nursery

Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn took fans on a tour of their 23-month-old daughter, Kingsley, nursery. In a clip, shared by Katelyn, on Sunday (Sept. 26), she took fans on a tour of their daughter’s “enchanted forest” themed bedroom. “I wanted…


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Posted on September 26, 2021

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Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn took fans on a tour of their 23-month-old daughter, Kingsley, nursery.

In a clip, shared by Katelyn, on Sunday (Sept. 26), she took fans on a tour of their daughter’s “enchanted forest” themed bedroom.

“I wanted to invite you into our home, so many of you have asked to see a tour of Kingsley nursery. So today, I’m going to show you!” Katelyn said, introducing Kingsley bedroom tour.

“So when we first decided to do the nursery, I took complete control over it,” she continued. “Kane did not care what we did in here. But even though, girl or boy, I like everything neutral. I don’t want it to feel too girly, if we had a boy, then I wouldn’t want it to feel too boyish. I love neutrals, I think it’ super relaxing. The whole vibe of this nursery is just calm and peaceful and neutral.”

Throughout the near 7-minute clip, the country superstar’s wife detailed the entire room, from the walls to the choice of theme, and we must say not a single detail was missed when her and her superstar husband designed the enchanted bedroom.

Kingsley crib sits beneath a white-lit neon sign of her name, an elegant chandelier with sophisticated neutral colored draping and is surrounded by custom painted walls that are etched to look like the canopy’s of an “enchanted forest.” 

“On the walls, we had someone come in and hand paint, like a canvas portrait of an enchanted forest, like the canopy of a forest. So, if you look around the nursery, it is just the treetops, but they’re so subtle. You almost have to look at the room as a whole to see what’s happening, and I love it. He did the most beautiful job, and he did another piece of artwork in this room that I’m going to show you guys later.”

The rustic-chic wooden furniture throughout the room is from Restoration Hardware, including Kingsley crib, nightstands, lamps and more. The furniture sits upon wood floors and a stunning antelope-print carpet.

“We got all the furniture from Restoration Hardware, which is one of my favorite place to shop,” Brown’s wife, explained in the clip. “I love their furniture so much. It’s almost like this bleached-worn wood on all of her nightstands, the lamps.”

Katelyn also said the neon ‘Kingsley’ sign that sits on the wall above the crib, which transforms into a toddler bed, is her “favorite part of the room [as it] just adds a fun vibe to the room.”

Another piece of art in the room, painted by the same artist who painted the mural that is the bedroom walls, painted a unique lion portrait that is complete with a crown.

“This piece of artwork right here, I am literally obsessed with,” Katelyn gushed. “So, the artist that came in to paint the whole mural on her wall custom painted this lion picture. This is the second one that he painted.”

She continued, “So, the first one that he painted the lion was super feminine, she had these big long eyelashes, and it was absolutely beautiful but like I said I like everything super neutral, and I didn’t want anything to feel too girly. And with Kingsley, her name I feel like is kind of masculine. I wanted her to have this dominance woman power, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I have to be like super girly and eyelashes. So, he repainted, and he did it more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. This is her portrait that I feel like will live in her room through her adolescent, teenage years, forever because it is timeless.”

The room also featured a “super special” gift from Katelyn’s aunt, which was a giraffe basket filled with custom-made, hand-knitted stuffed animals for Kingsley, a bookshelf of toys/books and a few cherished items from Katelyn’s childhood bedroom. 

“It’s so sweet to these little touches that I see, like some of the stuffed animals were mine,” Katelyn explained of a few cherished items in Kingsley room that are from her childhood. “I’m like you probably don’t want these, but they’re sweet.”

Click above to watch Katelyn Brown’s full video tour of Kingsley’s nursery.

Additionally, Back in December 2019, just two months after the birth of Kingsley, the couple opened the doors to their Tennessee home for Extra, giving fans an exclusive sneak peek at Kingsley’s adorable forest-themed nursery, which you can watch below.

YouTube video

Kingsley is approaching her second birthday, which she will celebrate on October 29.

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