Blake Shelton, Sadie Bass, Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC
Blake Shelton, Sadie Bass, Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC

WATCH: Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Battle It Out For Sadie Bass After Stunning Keith Urban Cover On ‘The Voice’

25-year-old Sadie Bass, a native of Michigan but calls Nashville her home, is now one step closer to her dreams of becoming a country artist after nailing her blind audition on NBC’s The Voice on Tuesday night (Sept. 20).

Bass’ performance wasn’t an easy one, as she shared with viewers before her performance, “I’ve always loved music, but I’ve always had stage fright. Not a lot of people knew that I sang. I always just sang for my family, in the car or in the shower, and I’ve always been a writer, too. I’ve kept a diary and a songbook. But, I think The Voice is going to be a test to see if I have what it takes and if I can do something like this for a living.”

“I still have that sinking feeling,” she continued. “I think I’ve always been not confident in my singing. I think going on The Voice and learning and getting that feedback is going to make a huge difference going forward.”

Bass managed to overcome her fear and crushed her performance of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy.” With two chances to move on to the next phase in the show, Bass faced a difficult decision of choosing between the show’s favorite couple, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Shelton begins his pitch to the young singer.

“The stage fright thing can keep someone from opening up, and honestly, thrusting yourself into this most awkward, horrifying situation of a performance — that’s a hell of a way to overcome your fear right there. So congratulations, you did it.”

He then jokes, “Welcome to team Blake, who do you pick as your coach,” lightening up the audience with some laughter.

Camilla Cabello jumps in to share her relatable personal experience of auditioning for a singing competition with immense stage fright, offering guidance to Bass.

The Michigan native then redirects her attention as Stefani begins to speak.

“My coaching would be, just, building you up,” she started, “It’s so in my heart, because I am a songwriter, and the music is all about the story. So don’t pick Blake, and pick me.”

The husband and wife begin a friendly banter.

“Don’t fall for it Sadie. Don’t fall for this,” Shelton claims as Stefani laughs in the background.

The spotlight turns to Bass as she makes the unexpected decision to choose Team Gwen.

“I prayed for you, Blake, to turn around for me. But then I thought, Gwen, you know what? You’re a little against the grain,” Bass said to the judges, “I think the second you heard I was from Michigan, I don’t know if you believed in what was in here. So, Gwen. I’m going to have to go with you.”

NBC’s The Voice Season 22 premiered on Monday, September 19.

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