Walmart Leaked Morgan Wallen’s New Album ‘Dangerous’ And He Is Not Happy, Drops New Songs “Warning” And “Dangerous” On TikTok

Morgan Wallen fans are ecstatic since discovering that his new album has already hit some Walmart store shelves, a week ahead of it’s official release date. However, the country superstar is not as he worked very hard on this new 30-track project and for a corporation as big as Walmart to leak the record is very upsetting.

Fans have shared photos and videos throughout social media of Wallen’s new album in their hands in states like North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin and more. Fans not only shared photos of the album but also snippets of new songs on the record that haven’t yet been heard.

Wallen is not very happy about Walmart leaking his new album that he worked very hard on for 3 years. So, he released a statement, sharing that he is going to leak the music himself via his TikTok account as if anyone should be leaking his music, it should be him.

“Hey y’all, It’s been brought to my attention that some of my music, well my album has leaked at some Walmart’s around the country,” Wallen began to tell fans in a new clip. “I don’t know how that’s possible but it has and also that some of y’all are posting and trying to spread the new music which i’m super thankful for, I’m glad you’re eager to do that but man I’ve been working on this album for 3 years and i’d be damned if I let Walmart do the leaking like that so if y’all don’t care just keep up with me on here, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or whatever.”

The singer continued, “I’m going to start doing the leaking of the songs myself. So, y’all just keep up with me, I don’t know, it’s kind of messed up but I don’t shop at Walmart anyway. I also gave Target two extra songs, so if you’re gonna buy my album physically, goto Target baby.”

@morganwallenIf anyone’s gonna leak my music, it should be me. Leaks will be on my TikTok. Stay tuned♬ original sound – morganwallen

He then dropped the first two leaks including the title track “Dangerous” and “Warning,” which you can listen to below.

@morganwallenWarning (Leaked)♬ original sound – morganwallen

@morganwallenDangerous (Leaked)♬ original sound – morganwallen

Wallen’s forthcoming 30-track album, Dangerous: The Double Album, is set for release in just a few days on January 8.

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