Walker Hayes, Nelly; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT
Walker Hayes, Nelly; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT

Walker Hayes Teases “Y’all Life” Duet With Nelly: “Nelly Is One Of My Favorites, He’s Such A Good Dude”

Walker Hayes shared that a new version of his latest single, “Y’all Life” may be on its way. Speaking with Gunner and Cheyenne on their show, Gunner and Cheyenne On Demand, Hayes hinted that a duet of the song featuring Nelly may be on the way.

“I’m sure there will be a version featuring [Nelly] in the foreseeable future,” Hayes teased.

A duet of the song with Nelly would be a fitting choice for Hayes, as the song references lyrics of the rapper’s track, “Country Grammar

“Y’all, we goin’ down, down, baby / Yo’ street in my Bronco / I’ma talk to ya real slow,” Hayes sings, giving a nod to Nelly, whose “Country Grammar” song lyrics say, “I’m goin’ down, down baby, yo’ street in a Range Rover.”

Nelly (and his “Country Grammer” co-writer Jason Epperson) is also listed as a co-writer on “Y’all Life” as Hayes’ used a few lyrics from his fan-favorite tune, “Country Grammar.”

In discussing more about the possible collaboration with Nelly and his choice to reference “Country Grammar” on “Y’all Life,” Hayes told Gunner and Cheyenne how much he and his family love the rapper’s track.

“Nelly is one of my favorites,” he shared. “He’s such a good dude and we just love that song. That song is top five for my family, my kids love ‘Country Grammar,'” he added.

In addition to sharing how much he and his family love Nelly and “Country Grammar,” Hayes explained how he paid tribute to the hitmaker within his new single.

“The real song is… ‘Goin’ down down baby, down by the roller coaster,’ and then Nelly changed it to ‘Down your street in a Range Rover,’” Hayes said. “Then we threw him a bone and took that line also and said, I was like, ’bro, I can’t afford a Range Rover,’ so we’re going to throw my dream car in there, and it’s the Bronco,” he explained.

Hayes released his latest single, “Y’all Life” on Friday, July 15. The song is a celebration of southern living and is inspired by Hayes’ upbringing in Mobile, Alabama.

“It’s my life growing up, basically in a nutshell. Main thing growing up was church and football. That’s what we were all about down in Mobile,” Hayes explained of the tune’s meaning. “When we wrote this song, I just wanted to give you that small-town atmosphere. There’s an ice cream truck in it, takes me right back to municipal park in Mobile feeding the ducks with some wonky ice cream truck coming by. Love the images. There’s a Grinch it, got James Harden in it, Dolly Parton in it, Olive Garden in it. But yeah, ‘Y’all Life’ is just truly where I grew up.”

Hayes also released a music video for the song, which features cameos from his wife, Laney, six children, and best friend Craig Allen Cooper. The video is inspired by Friday Night Lights and Hayes stars as the head coach of a high school football team.

Various videos featuring Hayes and his family dancing to his latest single, “Y’all Life” can be found on his social media pages.

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