See Inside P!NK & Carey Hart’s Love Story: “He’s The Rock And I’m The Storm”

The couple first met in their 20s and despite a rocky road have remained together for nearly two decades.


Madeleine O'Connell


Posted on February 18, 2023

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P!NK & Carey Hart

P!nk and her husband Carey Hart first met when they were in their 20s, meaning they spent many of their young adult years growing up together. From young love to several breakups, parenthood, and everything in between, the pair has encountered plenty of twists and turns throughout their relationship. But in the end, they have still managed to come out on top.

P!nk And Carey Met In 2001 At The Summer X Games In Philadelphia

They first crossed paths in 2001 at the Summer X Games in Philadelphia. At the time, P!nk, whose real name is Alecia Moore, was pursuing her singing career and Hart was competing in motocross. Soon after this encounter, their relationship began to form, but things didn’t last long because two years later, they decided to call their love story off.

In 2004, they rekindled the romance and got engaged the following year at the same place where it all started for them – a motocross race. In a nontraditional fashion, the superstar was the one who popped the question by holding up a board that read “Will You Marry Me?” while Hart was in the midst of the Pro 250 class finals race. 

“I said, ‘Well, yeah of course,’ and she said, ‘Well, get your ass back on the track. I don’t marry losers,” he said in a 2014 Supercross interview.

Luckily, Hart accepted the proposal and later confessed to PEOPLE, “I knew within the first few weeks after meeting her that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life.”

Got Married In 2006 In Costa Rica

The former professional freestyle motocross competitor and the “Raise Your Glass” singer tied the knot in 2006. Their beachside ceremony was held at the Four Seasons resort in Costa Rica. They kept things casual with a close-knit group of attendees.

“We just love the beach, so we knew we wanted it to be at the beach,” P!nk told the outlet while Hart added, “We wanted it very fun and nontraditional. We’re spiritual, but we’re not religious. It was about being with our closest friends and family and having a very fun and loose party.”

Breakup After Two Years Of Marriage

After nearly two years of marriage, P!nk and Hart went through another rough patch and announced that they were once again, splitting up. 

This difficult time inspired her tracks “So What,” “Mean,” “I Don’t Believe You” and “Please Don’t Leave Me.” Each of these songs were released on her album, Funhouse.

YouTube video

The “Just Give Me a Reason” singer shared the difficult update on her website with a statement that read, “The most important thing for you all to know is that Carey and I love each other so so much. This breakup is not about cheating, anger, or fighting. I know it sounds like cliché bulls–t, but we are best friends, and we will continue to be.”

Even though their romantic relationship was at a standstill, the couple’s friendship never completely faded. In 2008, P!nk and Hart were brought back together when Hart’s brother tragically passed away from a traumatic head injury. P!nk stood by his side at the celebration of life in Las Vegas.

At this point, the divorce papers were already drawn up, but not yet signed. The papers stayed that way because they made things official again after Hart appeared in the GRAMMY winner’s “So What” music video. 

His appearance in the video led the public to believe that there seemed to be no hard feelings, despite the hard-hitting song featuring several insults to her husband as it was written during their breakup. From here on out, they began to mend their relationship with a bit of help from therapy and learning how to strengthen their communication skills.

P!nk And Carey Hart Welcomed Children In 2011 And 2016

P!nk and Hart started their family on June 2, 2011, when they welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Willow Sage Hart. Then in 2016, P!nk gave birth to their second whom they named Jameson Moon Hart.

P!nk, Husband Carey Hart, Daughter Willow and Son Jameson; Photos Courtesy of ABC/AMAs
P!nk, Husband Carey Hart, Daughter Willow and Son Jameson; Photos Courtesy of ABC/AMAs

Becoming a mom was a life-changing experience for P!nk. During a 2019 interview with Carson Daly on TODAY, she revealed how having kids allowed her to grow even more personally and professionally. 

“I’m much more open, I’m much more accepting of myself, I’m much more thoughtful,” she shared. “I think about the world more, and what we’re leaving for these kids, and the direction we’re headed in. And so I guess it changes your music.”

“I don’t know, it’s fun, I like noise,” P!nk continued. “The kids bring a levity to the situation that wouldn’t otherwise exist. They make everything fun, they bring so much joy, they’re entertainment, they’re thoughtful. It’s just — it’s rad.”

The Couple Have Been Together For Nearly Two Decades

The Pennsylvania native and her husband celebrated 17 years of marriage in 2023. Over the course of their journey, they have shared many special moments through the makings of music videos, touring around the world, walking red carpets, and cheering each other on through their solo dreams.

In 2017, P!nk sat down with USA Today explained why her and Carey Hart’s relationship works so well despite difficulties at times.

“He knows when he goes too far and he’ll apologize, which is a wonderful trait in a human being,” she shared. “I do not possess that trait: I will go too far and still not apologize. It’s awful to be married to me. He’s the rock and I’m the storm, but it’s fun.”

While they did encounter a few more lows as a result of living their life in the spotlight, they agreed to remain by each other’s side through thick and thin.

On February 17th 2023, P!nk released her ninth studio album, TRUSTFALL, via RCA Records. In what will be her first record since her 2018 project, Hurts 2B Human, the critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter gives a glimpse into the current stage of her thriving life as a mom and a wife.

See more photos from throughout their relationship below.

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