See A Timeline Of Kevin Jonas And Danielle Jonas’ Fairytale Love Story

Kevin Jonas met his wife Danielle in 2007 and the pair got married two years later in 2009. Since tying the knot, the couple welcomed two children.


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Posted on March 25, 2023

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Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

In 2007, Kevin Jonas, oldest brother in the sibling band, The Jonas Brothers, met Danielle, the woman who would eventually become his wife and mother to his kids.

The Couple Met In 2007 

Their love story began during a family trip to the Bahamas. However, it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, as Danielle wasn’t too convinced that she should be wasting her time with a boy she had just met on a Caribbean vacation. She assumed that they would never see each other again, but Jonas made sure that would not be the case. 

The talented guitar player managed to get the New Jersey native’s phone number from her older sister and then proceeded to call his future wife as soon as he plane landed back home. 

“That might have been a little overboard, but I just went for it,” Kevin previously told Glamour.

At the time, Danielle was working as a hairdresser and living at home with her parents in Denville, NJ, which coincidentally, is only a few miles away from the Jonas Brothers’ hometown of Wyckoff, NJ. Little did she know that this chance meeting would lead her to capturing the heart of someone who was on his way to stardom. While the band hadn’t become famous yet, it didn’t take long before their careers took off. 

Through a partnership with Disney, The Jonas Brothers hit the ground running with their fan-favorite track, “The Year 3000,” off their 2006 record, It’s About Time

Jonas’ bold move to keep their connection going proved to be successful, and things began to move pretty quickly after that.

Who Said “I Love You” First?

During an interview with Young Hollywood, the couple revealed the sweet story behind who said “I love you” first. 

“I was in the city with him when he came in for a concert [and] I went … to pick up my dog from my mom’s room,” Danielle recalled. “I said to [my mom], ‘I’ve been driving home and all I could think was is I can’t wait to say I love you to him.’ Like, I was holding it in because I wanted him to be first!”

“I knew [Danielle was the one] around the same time,” Jonas shared before adding that Danielle was on her way out of the hotel he was staying in when he said, “Love you, bye,” and quickly shut the door. “I turned around and I was like, ‘Oh no, oh no! Do I have to, like, say something now or just walk away?’ I panicked, and I just walked away,” he added with a laugh.

Kevin Proposed To Danielle After A Jonas Brothers’ Concert In 2009

Feeling confident in their commitment to one another, Jonas got down on one knee and proposed to Danielle following a Jonas Brothers concert in July of 2009. 

“She said ‘yes, yes, yes’ like 500 times super fast in a row,” Kevin told People. “It was tough performing last night, knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world.”

It was later revealed that Kevin’s brothers, Joe and Nick Jonas, had predicted their forthcoming nuptials back in 2007. 

The brothers formed their band from a young age, and eventually rose to fame with Disney before splitting up in 2013. Each brother embarked on their separate journey before they reunited after a six-year hiatus. In celebration of them getting the band back together, they released a documentary titled, Chasing Happiness. 

This film included a nostalgic clip of Jonas on the phone with Danielle in the early stage of their relationship. Being the normal brothers that they are, Nick and Joe decided to interrupt the call to annoy their older sibling. Nick can then be heard saying, “Sorry, we’re just really excited because she’s your wife.”

Kevin Jonas And Danielle Got Married In December Of 2009

However, the couple was not married just yet. They tied the knot in December if 2009 with a traditional ceremony on Long Island. 

Later on, Kevin would sit down with to discuss their decision to marry at a young age, “So many people have said that to us, like, ‘You’re so young, why the rush to get married?’ But honestly, from the minute we met to the minute we got married, we wanted to do things our way. We’ll do kids in our time as well.”

Married To Jonas Reality Show

While they did take some time to enjoy life as newlyweds, it wasn’t long before they announced their first pregnancy. The Mr. and Mrs. shared their lives on a reality TV show called, Married to Jonas, from 2012 to 2013. This series premiered on E! on Aug. 19, 2012, and continued for two seasons, letting fans into their lives as they settled into their New Jersey home.

YouTube video

Welcomed Their First Child In February of 2014

Then on February 2, 2014, their family welcomed a new member, a baby girl named Alena Rose. 

“We are overjoyed at the birth of Alena Rose Jonas. She is precious,” the couple shared in a statement. “We could not be more excited to start building our family together. We want to thank our family and friends for their love and support, and our fans for all of their well wishes.”

In 2016, Kevin Jonas And Danielle Jonas Had Their Second Child

A few years later, they announced that baby number two was on the way. 

“We are excited to share the news that we are expecting a new addition to our family this winter,” the pair previously PEOPLE exclusively. “Alena is beyond thrilled to be a big sister and we can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.”

Jonas and his wife beamed in excitement as they took to social media to share that their second baby, Valentina Angelina, was born Oct. 27, 2016.

He tweeted a heartfelt photo of him and his newborn with the words, “Say hello to my newest love Valentina.”

Jonas Brothers Returned After Six Year Hiatus

Life started to get a bit busier when things started to pick up again for The Jonas Brothers.

In 2019, the group of brothers released “Sucker,” which marked their first single in six years. This song was accompanied by a music video that featured Kevin and Danielle, Nick and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, and Joe and his wife, Sophie Turner. Each of the wives later returned to set for cameos in another Jonas Brothers music video for their song, “What a Man Gotta Do.”

Kevin commemorated his wife’s appearance in their milestone project with a tattoo that resembled Danielle in her stunning dress from the “Sucker” video. 

“Brand new addition to the fam,” he wrote on Instagram. “So proud of this time in our life and getting to remember this with @daniellejonas forever!”

Celebrated In 10 Years Of Marriage In 2019

That same year, the couple celebrated 10 years of marriage. Danielle shared a post to social media that featured a heartfelt message to Jonas as well as a black & white photo of their love on display. 

“I’m finally sitting down after yesterday. It was a day full of so much love! Kevin Happy 10 YEAR Anniversary! You’re the most incredible man, amazing husband and father,” she began. “I have watched you mature in the best of ways. You are everything I wanted in a man. You work so hard, you are strong, wise and loving. We have faced so many challenges in life good and bad but through those times we got even closer. That’s how I know that our love will be forever.”

She continued, “I still can’t believe that I can call you mine. So thank you for all you do and all you are. These ten years have been the most amazing adventure and I can honestly say I love you more know then I ever thought I could ever love someone and i’m going to continue to remind you of it in every way I can every chance I get. 😘 Love you 😘”

In March of 2022, The Couple Released A Children’s Book Together

While music has always been a huge part of their lives, Kevin and Danielle also had the opportunity to add author to their resumes. In March 2022, they released a children’s book inspired by their two daughters. Music remained a theme in the story, which was titled, There’s a Rock Concert in My Bedroom

“Music has always been a foundational creative outlet in our family,” the couple told PEOPLE. “Now our daughters, Alena and Valentina, enrich our lives in ways we could have never anticipated. The love and care they show each other on a daily basis inspired this story and we are so proud to share how these girls not only uplift us and each other, but are creative, caring rock stars in their own right.”

Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas And Their Kids; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas And Their Kids; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Danielle Jonas Attended Jonas Brothers’ Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

The Jonas Brothers recently made a major public appearance with their wives and children to commemorate the band getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

During the ceremony held in the first month of 2023, each brother had the chance to step up to the podium and say a few words about their accomplishment. In Kevin’s speech, he made sure to acknowledge all three of the special women in his life. 

“Danielle, my beautiful wife, I love you so much. I could not have done this without you. Your support over the last 15 years … you’ve seen us through all of it — the beginning, the middle, the end and then back again. Thank you for everything,” he said before adding, “Alena, Valentina, this is a pretty cool moment, don’t you think? This is cool, but you two are my brightest stars.”

Jonas Brothers’ Are Preparing To Release The Album

In the midst of this major event, the brothers announced the upcoming release of their next full-length project, The Album. A select group of fans got the chance to hear a preview of the new album during one show of the five-night concert series that took place in NYC.

Each of wives and Kevin’s daughters were seen attending the shows and dancing along to the setlist. 

The Album will be available on May 12. Meanwhile, fans await the announcement of The Jonas Brother’s next tour. 

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