Scotty McCreery & Wife Gabi McCreery; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Scotty McCreery & Wife Gabi McCreery; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Scotty McCreery Says His Wife Gabi Is “Going To Be The Best Mom,” Admits Having A Child Is The “Biggest Blessing”

Scotty McCreery is excited to watch his wife Gabi McCreery become a mom. During a recent interview with Country Now, the “Damn Strait” singer said Gabi, who is a pediatric nurse, will be the “best mom” to their unborn son.

“I mean, she was, like, in the pediatric, cardiac, intensive care unit. She saw really tough stuff. Now, she’s thinking about everything that could go wrong. I’m like, ‘No. Everything is going to be great. I’ll be the one asking you for help.’ So everything, if the baby coughs, I’ll be like, ‘What do we do?’ She’s going to be awesome. She’s got the experience behind her,” McCreery told the outlet.

“I’m so excited to be a dad, probably more excited to see Gabi be a mom. She’s just going to absolutely crush it, just how caring and thoughtful she is. She puts everybody’s needs in front of her own. She’s just going to be the best mom.” 

In addition to doting on his wife, McCreery shared how his son’s arrival will impact another family member: his dog Moose.

Describing his beloved yellow Labrador as “used to being the center of attention,” McCreery noted that having a new baby around will be an adjustment for his furry friend.

“I think he’s starting to realize something is up. There are toys showing up at the house, and momma’s belly is getting a little bigger. I think he’s figured this out,” McCreery explained.

“He’s going to have to adjust for sure with the baby coming because he is definitely used to being the center of attention. He’ll bring us his Frisbee or the ball, like, he is ready to play at all times of the day,” he added.

McCreery and wife Gabi announced they were expecting their first child back in June. The couple each shared photos revealing the pregnancy to their respective Instagram accounts and McCreery said how excited he was to introduce his future son to sports and music.

During a July episode of Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton, McCreery also revealed that the baby was “measuring ahead of schedule,” making Gabi’s due date October 31 rather than in November as the couple originally thought. “‘I was like, ‘Oh boy! Halloween!,'” McCreery said of the change in arrival date.

Earlier in the month, McCreery said his son was “coming fast” and that he and Gabi still had to finish his nursery.

Ahead of their son’s arrival, the country singer and his wife celebrated his three recent No. 1 hits and had a Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower to prepare for impending parenthood.

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