Scott Stapp; Photo By Andrew Wendowski
Scott Stapp; Photo By Andrew Wendowski

Scott Stapp: “I Most Certainly Will Feel Comfortable Returning Back To The Stage Once We Get The All Clear”

Scott Stapp says he will “most certainly” feel comfortable returning back to the stage once he gets the okay after being forced off the road for months due to the ongoing global health crisis.

The rock singer sat down with Music Mayhem for an exclusive chat late last year to discuss returning to the stage, his latest single “World I Used To Know,” his album The Space Between The Shadows, the 21st anniversary of Creed’s Diamond-certified album Human Clay and his plans for 2021.

Read the full Q&A below.

How do you think concerts will be affect when concerts do return to normal, will you feel comfortable returning to the stage?

I most certainly will feel comfortable returning back to the stage once we get the all clear. My hope is that we return to normal as we knew it before in terms of concerts as they’ve always been. So I look forward to that day and can’t wait to get back out there. It’s definitely different, the last four or five years straight, I’ve kept myself out on the road in between making records, so it’s definitely be different.

You released your latest single “World I Used To Know,” did you ever think writing this song in 2019, this song would be so fitting for the current times we are living in? 

There’s no way I could’ve known but I think that as an artist and as someone whose consuming media and reading things and what not, I think I sensed the under belly. I think what that song expresses was already kind of going on in the world, but the volcano hadn’t erupted yet. I think that it was definitely something that had it come out when it was written would’ve made sense but coming out now, it’s even more profound cause of how on point that it seems to be.

In the lyric video that you released for “World I Used To Know,” there is a lot of visuals and statements. What made you decide that’s the perfect visual for the song?

I think it was just social observation, It was just what I was feeling at the time based on whatever external sources that I was feeling or taking in through the television and media and online. It’s universal and I think all over the world there are parts of society and humanity whether it be Government or business that all have those facets in it and so I felt it was appropriate.

That song comes from your album, The Space Between The Shadows, which is your first new solo album in six years. How would say this album differs from your previous releases like The Great Divide and Proof Of Life?

I think that it was a huge return to my roots, and that was intentional. I am a rock artist who loves the heavy stuff as well as the more ballad rock stuff. And I think that in my previous albums, I did that but not in the traditional tone and presentation that I think people know me for. So, it was definitely a return my roots but the 2020 version of that.

After celebrating the 1 year anniversary of your album, The Space Between The Shadows, what is one moment that really stands out from the album cycle?

I think that my fondest memories of touring this album are when you see the audience singing these songs back to you with the same intensity and passion as they have when they’re singing songs from your catalog. That lets me know that i’ve connected and that’s something that i’ll never take for granted and that I appreciate and always recognize.

On the topic of anniversaries, Creed’s Diamond-certified album, Human Clay, is celebrating it’s 21st anniversary. Do you have any special plans with the band to do any livestreams or any reunions?

I’ll tell you what, if there’s any special plans or anything we will make an announcement, I guarantee you.

Whats in store for 2021?

Right now, I’m just writing, look forward to the opportunity when I can get back into the studio and start recording which is coming up here. Looking forward to that musically and then hoping that 2021 will return to normal and put out some new music and get back to doing what I love.

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