Ronnie Radke recently went live on Falling In Reverse‘s Facebook page to chat what each song meant and what it’s lyrics were about on the new Falling In Reverse record titled, Coming Home. He was joined by Dangerkids frontman, Tyler Smyth as he helped produced this record.

  1. Coming Home- “That song explains the bitter sweet feeling doing what you love but having to leave. I wrote that for my daughter and that song was two years in the making. The space theme came later.”
  2. Broken- “I wrote that song about our generation about how we are forgotten and how the internet takes away the mystic of rock stars away from being able to reach out to them so easily”
  3. Loser- “It’s about a relationship that seems to not be going your way. Tyler and I worked on this album for a long time and he is responsible for all the strings you heard and they sound amazing!”
  4. Fuck You And All Your Friends- “We made that song on accident, Ronnie’s at my place noodling around on the guitar and we decided to use it. We added a second note and a third then it took shape”
  5. I Hate Everyone- “That song is just really angry. I’m like Taylor Swift except I haven’t sold as many records. I just go for the throat with songs like with a battle rapper mentality.”
  6. I’m Bad At Life- “It’s very ironic and funny, it’s telling a girl you love her in a sarcastic way telling her you suck at life”
  7. Hanging On- “That song is awesome! Deff Blink-182 vibes, I can’t believe they got that in the mix. It’s one of my favorites, I can’t decide a favorite! They’re all good!”
  8. Superhero- “Wow! That’s a radio song! That song is about people expecting you to be a certain way and when you step out of that fantasy they either go crazy or they go crazy actually. It’s what I have learned over the years is if I do something not pleasing or wrong you never hear the end of it.”
  9. Straight To Hell- “I like to be direct, the lyrics pretty much is self explanatory”
  10. I Don’t Mind- “This song is too emotional and self explanatory as well so you will get the hint once you hear it. You gotta be honest, a lot of bands are not honest these days, while many are though some aren’t”
  11. The Departure- “It is a never ending cycle of leaving and coming back, it has a Silversun Pickups vibes to it. We were just trying to be a bit different and you can hear it with the droney vibes.”

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