Ronnie Radke creates a joke out of 9/11 via Instagram

RonnieRadke Starts Controversy this Memorial day via INSTAGRAM Ronnie Radke posted a Instagram photo of a plane crashing into one of the twin towers, with the caption as ……

Girl “Come visit me at work I’m horny”

Guy “can’t just got this job at the airport”

Girl “I’m off my period”

Causing quite a stir up within the comments on the Instagram post along with quite a controversy via the internet. Then Ronnie Posts via Twitter what’s stated below…..

@RonnieRadke:  My last post is what I call hater bait. I trap them in and boom! Block! Hahahaha 😉

@RonnieRadke:  God forbid I make a joke about 9/11 while all of you motherfuckers are busy photoshopping hitler into pictures of celebrities :/

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