Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Looses Sponsorship over 9/11 joke

ronnie radke looses sponsorship over 9/11 jokeIn a shocking turn of events, it would seem that actions do have consequences – even when involving Ronnie Radke! SelfMade Co will be dropping their sponsorship of Falling In Reverse at Vans Warped Tour this summer. Read a post from SelfMade….

“@ronnieradke this is Joe Ianelli owner of SelfMade Co. (pictured here standing next to a fallen Ianelli’s memorial). As someone who makes clothing that push limits and often offend people, I’m all for freedom of speech and expression. So I’d be a hypocrite in saying it’s wrong to express yourself. But I must say I don’t agree with making jokes about things that can hurt people, especially when it hits close to home. I know this won’t even matter to you but I must decline producing the selfmade co sponsored #FallingInReverse bus tent for you on @warpedtour. Not because you’ve made a joke about something that hits a soft spot to me someone that lived through that day in NY, but because kids look up to you and I feel that post you made crosses a line a “hero” should not be crossing. Anyway I’ll be sure to see you on#warpedtour, maybe me and a few of my buddies from back home in NY can take you over to the 9/11 memorial so you can see how funny it is.”

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