Remember When A Crazy Fan Attacked Luke Bryan To Prank His Mom LeClaire Bryan?

Luke Bryan played a prank on his mother LeClaire Bryan in which he convinced her that a crazed fan was trying to get on his property.

Bryan pulled the prank back in 2019 with the help of his wife Caroline, social media personality Officer Daniels and comedian Chelcie Lynn (a.k.a. Trailer Trash Tammy). 

“Oh my god, Luke, you’re beautiful, can I have a hug?” A woman (Chelcie Lynn) pretending to be the crazed fan appears on Bryan’s property and begins to chase him, prompting the country singer to run away. “Can I just have a hug, Luke?” The woman says again as Bryan tells his mother to flee for safety before winding up on the ground with the “crazed fan” in tow.

Bryan’s mother, of course, doesn’t listen to her son and jumps right into the action, trying to get the crazed fan to leave go of him as they roll around on the ground.

Officer Daniels then enters the scene to tell Bryan’s mother that he’s got the situation under control. “I got her, I got her,” he says.

LeClaire backs away and Bryan manages to free himself from the crazed fan’s grip as the officer restrains her and Bryan’s wife Caroline suddenly rushes to his aid.

“Get on your stomach,” Officer Daniels tells the “crazed fan,” to which she responds, “you’re hurting me.”

Bryan, his wife, and mother prepare to leave the property, but then the fan manages to break free of the officer’s grip and says, “give me five minutes with her,” angering Caroline who gets in her face and says, “really?”

Moments later Bryan and his mother appear at Caroline’s side before Bryan admits the “incident” has all been a stunt that’s part of their “Twelve Days of Pranksmas.”

Upon learning the news, LeClaire falls to the ground while the others laugh in the background and Bryan rushes to hug her.

“You won’t ever beat that,” Bryan says laughing and sharing high-fives with his co-conspirators. “She said, ‘get off my son,'” he added.

Pranksmas is an annual tradition in the Bryan family.

Bryan’s mother LeClaire is known to make frequent appearances on he and wife Caroline’s social media pages and also posts about her adventures on her own Instagram account.

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