Luke Bryan and his mom LeClaire Bryan; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Luke Bryan and his mom LeClaire Bryan; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Luke Bryan Doesn’t Want To Know The “Financial Impact” Of His Mom LeClaire’s Shopping Sprees: “She Spent A Lot”

Luke Bryan recently shared that he doesn’t want to know the “financial impact” of his mom, LeClaire Bryan’s shopping sprees.

Bryan spoke with CMT Hot 20 Countdown on Apr. 24 and said that he has an agreement with his business manager in which his business manager is not allowed to tell him what his family members “cost [him] annually.”

“It’s hard enough with your family just being your family,” he said. “It’s frustrating enough.”

Bryan also said that he’ll sometimes send his mother, LeClaire to purchase food when they make beach trips so they can “cook on the grill” and he can avoid being spotted in public and she’ll wind up at Home Depot, buying “thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of flowers.”

“Whatever keeps her out there having fun,” Bryan shared.

In addition, Bryan’s mother recently joined him in Vegas, where they ran into the CEO of Resorts World. Bryan told the CEO he should get LeClaire in some Resorts World merch because she has “300,000” Instagram followers. While Bryan didn’t share if the CEO gave LeClaire any Resorts World merch, he revealed that she got some gambling credits to spend at the casino.

Bryan also revealed that his mother was a bit frustrated at receiving gambling credits rather than money since gambling credits can’t be traded in to buy “beer and cigarettes.”

Bryan’s mother recently shared a video on her Instagram page when she purchased an array of flowers at Home Depot, explaining that her son gave her his credit card to go to Publix and she got “big off track,” while “having a blast” shopping.

Bryan’s wife, Caroline commented on the video of her mother-in-law, writing, “damn…buy me something.”

Prior to going to Vegas to kick off his Vegas residency back in February, Bryan admitted that he was concerned about his mother racking up his credit card bill.

“So, what’s the big shopping center out here? [The Shops At Crystals] and all that,” Bryan said during an interview with Good Morning America. “Yeah, my credit card will be in flames come Friday,” he added.

In an interview with ET Canada on the American Idol carpet, Bryan said he’d cut his mom off from using his credit card, but she has a lot of “external sources” that would enable her to get around it.

“She knows my business manager’s number, my manager’s number, my booking agent, my wife’s assistant,” Bryan said. “So, yeah, she gets the credit cards no matter what.”

Bryan joked that his mother’s purchases often include “knick-knacks, collectibles, Starbursts, cigarettes.”

“She loves flowers and she posted it [a couple of weeks ago] where she got my credit card and went and loaded up the back of her [car],” Bryan continued. “She spent a lot, but no she has fun and as long as she can be out the yard… Whatever I can do as a son… I’ve been really blessed to be able to look after my mama like she looked after me.”

Bryan will kick off his Raised Up Right tour on June 9 in Charleston, West Virginia. His Farm tour coincides with the Raised Up Right tour, featuring six dates from Sept. 15-24.

Aside from stressing out over his mom’s credit card purchases and getting ready to tour, Bryan serves as a judge on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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