Morgan Wallen and Son Indigo Wilder Wallen; Photo Courtesy Austin Angel Photography
Morgan Wallen and Son Indigo Wilder Wallen; Photo Courtesy Austin Angel Photography

Morgan Wallen Says He Wants To Be Someone His 1-Year-Old Son Indigo Wilder “Can Be Proud Of”

Morgan Wallen recently opened up and shared that he wants to be someone that his 1-year-old son, Indigo Wilder Wallen, “can be proud of.”

Earlier this month (February 12-13), Wallen co-hosted the Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton. He previously joined the show in May 2020 leading up to “Chasin’ You” reaching No. 1. This time, in addition to talking about his chart-topping hit “Sand In My Boots,” Wallen dives into fatherhood, and how the past year has taught him a lot about the impact he has on those around him.

“I think, no matter what my intentions were or whatever the situation… I know that and realized that the position that I’m in, I have a lot of influence and my words carry a lot of weight. I didn’t always know that, but over the last year or so, I’ve definitely learned that,” he admits. “It’s just important what I say and no matter how I meant it, or who was around me or who was accepting of it or whose not, you know. If there’s one person that can be offended by my words or that I can negatively impact someone’s life, I think I’ve realized that that’s not okay.”

While he chose not to name-drop anyone, Wallen revealed that there are people behind the scenes who have been “kind and gracious” to him as he works on becoming a better version of himself. He says these people want him to “be good and do better.” He wants to make changes in his life for himself and Indigo, who has put things into perspective for Wallen. Now, he’s not just a boy from east Tennessee, he’s also a dad and a “role model” to Indigo. 

“I’ve got a son, who I want to be a good role model for, most importantly. I was lucky enough to have a great dad who I got to look up to growing up and a great mom,” Wallen says. 

The East Tennessee native adds, “So, I want to make sure that I follow in those footsteps and be someone that he can be proud of. I think I’m trying to continue to be better every day and not let everything that I hear get in the way of that. I know that a lot of people have a lot of opinions of me and I know that I’m probably never going to get everyone back just based off what happened, but I’m going to do everything that I know how to do to make sure that over the course of time and over the course of my career, that one mistake is not what defines me. That’s not who I am, I’m not going to let that be the case.”

“Everyone can say whatever they want to,” he continues, “but I’m going to continue to live my life and to do things that show that that’s not the man that I am or the man that I want to be and that’s all I know to do.”

Morgan Wallen took over the radio airwaves with his single “Sand In My Boots” which recently went No. 1 on both the Mediabase Country chart as well as the Billboard Country Airplay chart. The song marks Wallen’s fifth No. 1 at country radio and his seventh overall (“Wasted On You” and “7 Summers” on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart).

After Wallen received the news that his single went No. 1, he took to social media to thank his fans and Country radio.

Co-written by Michael HARDY, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne, “Sands In My Boots” joins Wallen’s other chart-topping hits, which include “More Than My Hometown,” “Chasin’ You,” “Up Down” and his first-ever No. 1 single, “Whiskey Glasses.”

“‘Sand In My Boots’ is No. 1 at Country music radio. So, I just wanted to say thanks, you know, you guys are the best,” Wallen said in a video. “I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a lot actually that y’all are the best fans in the world and I don’t just say that to say it. I really mean it.”

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