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Morgan Wallen Opens Up About Fatherhood and Reveals New Details Of His Album That’s Coming Out Within “6 Months”

Morgan Wallen opened up about fatherhood and his forthcoming sophomore album on Friday (August 7) when talking to Entertainment Tonight.

The country superstar said that his highly-anticipated album will be out within the next “6 months.”

“Honestly, if it weren’t for all of this going on, I probably would’ve had it turned in and ready to go. But we’re getting closer and you know we finally got a system figured out so everybody feels safe and that kind of thing, so we can work on it right now,” Wallen explained. “I still don’t have any dates, I think everything is still up in the air just because nobody knows what’s going on but no matter what happens with covid, it will be [released] within the next 6 months.”

“I know that we have good songs coming.” Wallen gushed.

The “Chasin’ You” singer described the forthcoming new album as “mature” and “personal.”

“It’s got everything in it, I don’t want to say too much just because there’s some things that we still gotta figure out but yeah. There’s some songs that are more mature, more personal to me and my life and you know whenever I make an album, I want it to just have a little bit of everything, little bit of party, little bit of fun, little bit of sad. There’s some different kind of sounding songs for me too, just I don’t even know exactly how to describe it all but it’s going to have a little bit of everything. I will probably drop a few songs too before it comes out just to you know, sprinkle in a couple, just to keep people a little bit happy.”

“I’m ready to put it out, it seems like forever since i’ve been able to put out my first album,” said Wallen.

He also teased a new song called “Still Goes Down” via his Instagram on Saturday (August 8), asking for fans opinions which you can hear HERE.

Wallen also opened up about fatherhood as he welcomed his baby boy, Indigo Wilder, on Friday, July 10.

He explained that even though he can be a bit of a wild card sometimes, he realizes that now every decision he makes will not only affect his own life but also his son’s.

“I can be a little bit of a wild card, that’s just kind of how I am, but you know I realized that every decision I make now don’t just affect me but it really affects him too, so I try to be a little bit more responsible,” Wallen explained.

He continued to tell Entertainment Tonight that he had a great father growing up and he aspires to be just like him, knowing the sacrifices his dad made to keep Wallen and his sister happy.

“I had a really good of an example of a Dad growing up and I really just want to be like that. There’s always a lot of sacrifices made for me and for my sister to make sure we were all happy, he always gave me a good example of how to treat my Mom. It’s definitely changed the way I look at things.”

The country star’s debut album, If I Know Me, earned him three No. 1 singles including “Up Down,” “Whiskey Glasses” and “Chasin’ You.”

Wallen is set to release fan-favorite track “7 Summers” on August 14 and his sophomore album sometime later this year.

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